Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting a Christmas Tree.

Hook:Guess what?Do you know how it is getting near christmas,Well people’s mum and dad a getting christmas tree’s.

In the weekend Sarona’s mum said “It is getting near christmas so should we go and buy a christmas tree?Sarona said YES please please mum?Mum said “Yes but first you have to clean your room first OK”.So they cleaned their room and hopped in the car.When they hopped in the car

When we got to the place where we were going to buy the christmas tree we had to look for the best one.We found the best christmas tree we could look for so we went to go and pay for it.The christmas tree couldn’t fit in the car so they had to call their dad to come and bring his pick up car.After they were waiting their dad showed up with his pick up car.They had no rope in the car so they brought from the same place they brought the christmas tree.They had the rope so they tied the christmas tree to the pick up car and went.

As they were driving the rope was getting loose and the christmas tree was about to fall.The christmas tree fell off the pick up car and the mum beeped the horn to tell the dad that the christmas tree has fallen off the back of the pick up car.So the dad stopped.They all hopped out of the car and saw that the rope has being snapped so they had no rope to use.

They saw a man and he was holding a rope so they said to the man “Hello umm.. a you using that rope in your hand?”The man said “No would you like to use it so you can tie your christmas tree to your pickup car?”The dad said yes please only if you don’t need it”. “I don’t need this rope and while you a tieing the christmas tree to the car can I please sit in your car because I am really cold”? “Yeah sure”.So he jumped in in the car and waited for the christmas tree to get tied to the pick up car.

When it is done the man in the car put in his belt on and took off in the car.They had the mums car so they got in the car and tried to caught up to the man who took the dad’s car.But they couldn’t so they stopped picked up the phone in called the police.They explained to the police what had happened so they got into their car and chased after the car.They found the car and said to the man “Why did you take their car for”? The man had nothing to say so he took him to jail.The people who owned the car was happy to have their car back so they went home and put their tree up.Also put all their present’s under the tree and waited because it was christmas the next day.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Netbook Reflection 2013

I like learning on a netbook because our school work is on the internet and we don’t need to write on paper.But what frustrates me is when you write something your keyboard plays up.Also What Frustrates me is when we go on our netbook and we have to do our work and instead of doing our work we go on other stuff we an’t allowed to go on.

What did it feel before I had a netbook was when we write on paper and our hand hurt.Now I have are netbook and when we write my hand doesn’t hurt.But I think paper is better because on paper you can learning from your mistakes.But on your netbook if you write something wrong it tells you the right word.

I think what would make our netbook better is we could That we could edit our movies on our netbook.Also if we had are good microphone so we could record our self.But I think that we should have better keyboards and mouse

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The best camp in Y6

On Tuesday the people who were going camp had to be at school before 7:00 and I was the one that was going to camp.When everyone got to school and all entered the hall Mr Burt prayed for us to have a good time and when he wa done with his pray we all said “Amen”.Then we all had to take all our luggage to the bus and make sure everything was in the bus.After everything was in the bus we all said our goodbyes to our Mum’s and Dad and left on the bus.

When we were on the bus I was falling asleep and I did go to sleep.I fell asleep on one of my leaders and that was Cara.We both went to sleep and we went to sleep because we had to get up between 6:00 and 6:45.When I got up everyone in the bus said “Ms Va’afusuaga was videoing you and Cara” and I was laughing and said why did Ms Va’afusuaga video me for? But I didn't want to know the answer.

My favorite part at camp was volley ball because each time we won  we all would start to laugh out loud. But each time the other team got a goal then we would laugh harder than we did. So that would have to be my favorite part of camp.

The Worstest part was Orientering because I am bad with a compass because who knows where the letters could be. So as we were looking I was just standing while everyone else was looking but then I did end up helping but I actually didn’t want to do the active. When we were doing it was raining and we keep on slipping.

Just wish if you could go back there because it was fun but I wish my friend Charlee could of came to camp it would've been a whole heap better and fun. Sometimes I wish that I could live there. It wasn’t as fun without my friends Charlee and Sislia because who knows how much more fun it would of been with them there.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Friends Place

Once there was these people called Sisilia,Vanessa,Maleana and Sesalina.They all went to Vanessa house to jump on her tamp.First they finished school and had to go to there own home to get change.When they finish getting changed they all walked to Vanessa house.But they picked up each other first.So Sisilia picked up Maleana.Then Sisilia and Maleana picked up Sesalina and they all walked to Vanessa’s house.

When they got to Vanessa’s house and they knocked on her door and Vanessa answered it and said “You guys made it”.So  she took them to the back to jump on the tamp.they all had to take turns so 2 people  got to jump on the tamp at a time and the other two listened to music until it was their turn

The first two people that went on were Sisilia and Sesalina and the other two listened to music.When they were jumpin they did flips and they played games on the tamp.It is funny because they couldn’t flip good.Wehn the other two were dancing to are song called Azonto and it was funny because they were dancing like fobs.

After they finished it was the other two to hop on the tamp.The people that were on the tamp were jumping and they kept  on jumping high and they tried to do a backflip but they couldn’t.They only could do are frontflip.Also the other two that were listen to music they played tag with each other.When they were done they all went home and had dinner.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Spooky Haunted Halloween House

Once there were these people called Sam,Maleana,Cara,Nu’u and Jake went halloween.After school they went  home and got change for halloween.When they got home they all had something to wear and they dressed as themself.As they finish getting changed they all walked to Cara’s house and they letf from cara’s house.

When they left they stopped by this house that as halloween people outside so they went to go knocked on the door and as the person of the house opened the door she scared them.Also they said trick or treat and the owner gave them are black of chocolate each.They all ate it when they went to the next house.

As they were walking to the next house they threw eggs at it then ran away.The people they owned the house got angry and started to run after them.But they didn’t catch them.So they all ran away and Nu’u said “why are we trick or treating for”?And Cara said “because it is fun”. “But an’t it for little kids” Maleana said. No it is for everyone Thought Jake.

As they were walking they saw a haunted house so they went into it.When they went into it they saw some run pass and they all got scared.They went to see what the house had in it.They saw dead people laying on the ground so they ran out of the house but they couldn’t get out.So they were looking for ways and Zombies came alive.

The Zombies came from the window the down and even the people that were dead on the ground they came alive.They were all scared they tried to get out and one Zombie ate Sam.The rest of them tried to get a way out but they couldn’t.SO they saw are phone and called the police. and the police came.

The police came and they knew it was a video.But they never so they got scared also Sam knew it was are video but he didn’t tell.When the police got inside they got their guns out and and shoot the Zombies,but it was not are real gun.So when the video was done they turned on the lights and the people that never knew it was are act they got angry.

When they done the video the people that were angry would not forget about with happened and they were scared whenever they go to bed.That is how they lived for the rest of their life’s.           

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Samoa Story

On Tuesday my brother Jacob and my sister Selina went to Samoa and had a swim in the beach.They were there because it was there last night in Samoa. they were Also  diving from the top of are big rock into the water.When they were getting out of the water they found are swung that can swing them into the water.So when they got near the swing they took turns and they also bombed into the water.When Jacob bombed into the water he hurt his backbut he didn’t care about it.

When they were walking out of the water Jacob and Selina went to the top to dive Jacob Sliced his foot and his feet was bleeding.It was alittle cut but it still stinged his feet so he went into the water and tryed to make the blood go away but it wouldn’t.So he washed his foot with his hand but every time he goes forward he gets are stinging foot.So he calls his sister Selina and she helped him with his foot.She said you Jacob “ Where is your Phone so I can ring Mum to come and help.So Jacob told her where the phone is and she rang there Mum.Her Mum said that she will be there in 5 minutes with the Kits with everything that will help Jacobs foot.So when she made the call she went to go and ckeck on Jacob and told him that there Mum will be there soon.

So when there Mum came with the kits that has everything in it to help Jacobs leg there Mum says to them “Why did you come to the beach with no one to look after you” then Selina said “We thought that you would've said no and we came because it is our last night at Samoa”.There Mum says “ You guys are right we should spend time at the beach because it is our last day here so tomorrow before we leave we will all go to the beach and spend time with everyone”.And everyone goes “WooHoo” because they are happy.But Mum said “but first we got to get Jacob to the hospital so his foot can get better and can someone pass me are badge for his leg”.So Selina got the bange and helped Mum put it around Jacobs leg and helped Jacob get into the car so his foot can get better.

So the next day everyone woke up to a lovely sunny day and were ready to go to the beach.Everyone had their togs on and got into the car to go and see if Jacob could come.Jacob and Selina and her Mum came to the beach and was spending time with the family before they leave.When they all had done at the beach they all went to the airport to watch their family leave.So they left on the plane everyone went home and went to sleep.

This is my reading

This is Zwe and he is helping his family claim rice.He didn’t have school today so that is why he help. He didn’t have school because it was teachers only day.Him and his family claim all of the rice on the rice feed.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

John Gets Caught Steeling From The Shop's

A person called John was walking to the shop to buy stuff for his house, child and a present for his grandchildren and he saw a dog off its leash and he was scared.Lita who owned the dog came out of the shop.

When she came out she saw her dog running after John so she had to run after her dog to save John from not getting bitten from the dog. John ran around the shops and he kept on running then suddenly Lita called the dogs name and she said “Chestnut stop it and come here”. So they dog came and she said to the dog “Bad dog don’t do that again”.

When John went into the shop he Stole something and went out.Then when the dog saw him the dog ran after him and Lita turned and looked where the dog was and he was running after John.Chestnut Broke his bag and Lita saw that he stole and she was proud of her dog.

The police came to ask him why he stole. He said “ I am working for the person called Sam and he said if I don’t steal he will Stick me in the toilet”.So the police told him to show them where Sam was.He took the police to where Sam was.

The police asked “Why did you send John to steal? “Because we have no money and we are poor”.The police said “it doesn’t mean you can steal the food you could've just went to see your family”. But then Sam said “Do we go to jail”?  The police said yes because you have been stealing”.The police gave Chestnut a treat and said “good dog” also Lita was happy for her dog because she thought that the dog was going to bite John for no reason.

So John and Sam were in jail for five years and the shops had security dog’s around so no one else could steal. And chestnut looked after the shop to. Since John and Sam have been in jail there has been no more robbers and the shop was safe. John and Sam didn’t like jail so they started getting angry at each other and started a fight so they had to stay in jail for ten years because they have been fighting. The shopkeeper was proud of the dog so she let them visit whenever they wanted.

Friday, September 21, 2012

What I did with my friends.

Yesterday after school , Anthony, Logan and Sione came and picked me up to  go and play.But first we went to go and pick up Annliz so she can play because I was the only girl.So as we were walking to her house we saw more of our friends so they came with us to pick up Annliz.

When we got to Annliz house her Mum answered the door.I go to her Mum “Is Annliz home” then Annliz came to the door.It just looked like she just woke up and she did.We asked her if she wanted to come with us back to my house and she said yes.

So we all walked to my house and when we got there all of us jumped on my tramp.As we were jumping my littke brother throwed Siones shoes up our roof and it was funny.We all started laughing because it was funny as.After that they all needed to go home and Sione was going to go in bare feet.But I asked logan to get the shoes because I was scared to climb up.

When he go up he got the shoes down and there were also tennis balls up there to.Logan threw them down.There were like three balls and he threw them all down.One ball was wet and Logan tried to throw it at one of us but he missed.When he got everything down he came down and we played handball.

When we were playing handball I never got out.I was king and then when Annliz whacked the ball to meeh I missed it so I had to go and line up until someone else lost.It was funny because very time Annliz whackes it to someone that person lost.She got up to king and she started making rules up like “you have to hit the ball and say are colour and if you dont your out”.It was hard for me but I tired.

After that round everyone went home.I just dropped them off you the corner and turn back to go home.We all walked in our group to my house and we all walk back to our own house.When I got home I was tired so I went to sleep.

My Papa funeral.

Last saturday my papa passed away.I felt sad and i couldn't stop crying.My mum tryed to make him alive but she knew that he had been gone because of the smell.When her dad passed away it smelt the same.As soon as the ambilance came my mum got into the car and went to go and pick up my aunty.My Mum was going to fast but she didn’t mind.

On saturday the day before yesterday we had his funeral but first we had are several in GI.After that we went to the cemetery in Magarey So we he could get buried.He got buried on top of my uncle chris who has passed away.Which is my papa son so my papa and uncle which is my papa son will be with each other forever.When we got to the grave we sang songs then we had are pray.After that we watched our papa go down.

When he went down I was crying hard out and I threw my flower down with him.Everyone had flower to throw in so papa can take them with him.I felt sad and I couldn’t stop crying.So when they were putting the mud on top I went to go and see my geart geart geart Aunty Mele’s grave and my uncle Chirs to.

First I went to my great great aunt Mele’s grave.When I got there I was talking to her.i was also was praying for her.After that we went to where my papa lives and had a feed.Then when we were done everyone went home.

My Dream Holiday

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Paralympics Story

What we did on Monday was we were trying to be like the paralympics that have missing limbs and other parts of their body.

What we did on Monday was we were were trying to be like the paralympics that have missing limbs and other parts of their body.So we were doing the same but we use these things called bibs to make us look like we are missing parts.So we Got are bib and tied it around our hips.Also we put one hand in to so we were missing are hand.            
                                                        (Paragrah 1)

We were doing it so we know how it feels.As we tied it around are hips with one hand in it we had to run to the line and back.It restricts our speed and made us slow down like we were  on are sunday drive.When we got back we took it off and we try it without the bib.When we tryed it without the bib I felt like I am in are police car driveing fast to get someone.Also people were running like they were on fire.
                                                          (paragraph 2)

Our teacher Mr Marks said that the parts that are going to be missing it Our legs,and our arms,So we had to try and throw are softball will one foot up and we had to do it with one hand missing.It was Diffcult and awkward to do.Also it was so challenging and hilarious.That was the use of our limbs.Also our teacher Mr Marks said “It was hilarious watching us do it”.
                                                                     (paragraph 3)

Why we did paralympics was because so we know that the people that have been paralyzed know how it feels and so we know too.I thought it would be hard if we were paralyzed but it wasn’t that hard sorta.I felt Weird and it looked awkward and everyone was like “Do we have to do it?”.Our teacher said “yes yous do”.So we thought we would hurt our self but we didn’t even hurt yourself.But I fell when we had to throw a softball on one foot only.
                                                                     (paragraph 4)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mele Five A-Side Football

Well at the paralympics there is this sports called Five A-side football. It is just like soccer but the players are blindfolded. Some people are blind and some are a bit blind. The goal keeper has normal vision.There was an excited audience and the blind people have speedy moves. I think that there is a noise device in the ball because they have great ball control. Some players were tumbling over because some players have incredible skill and agility to trick others. They are really good at being visually imparred to play soccer.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Story

At the paralympics They have this thing called Tandem Cycling.The bike that they use is also called Tandem Bike where there is two people on one bike.The person that is in the front is called the pilot and the person at the back was visually impaired.

As they were going fast they had burning wheels and they were racing on a velodrome that goes around in circles.On the bike they had dished wheels.When they were riding the bike there legs were pumping and they had synchronised movements.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Run run ass fast as you can

Guess what happened on friday?We had cross country And It was going to  be the best.Well to me it will be the best but I don't know about the rest so I hope you enjoy.

Well first we had to see who the house captain colours are for blue(Tainui),red(Te arawa),green(Matatua) and yellow(Takitimu).I was in blue(Tainui) and my sister was the captain for blue(tainui).

First we had to walk down to the reserve and get ready to race our age years.I am going to race the 11 year olds girls.First was 9 year old girls and boys and it keeped to going up to when it was the 11 year old girls and boys.So we had to line up in a line going sidewards.Mr Burt gose on your mark get set  slaps are slaper and says go.

So we started to run the track that we were running. It had puddles and we had to run through them.During the race we had to run from the reserve back to school but we went through this path that people walk through.While I was running it was are smelly muddy creek.Also it was dangerous because people were skidding through the mud and were falling.Someone was running and they almost fell into the water.

The weather was windy and cold but when we were running the sun was coming out.And everyone was getting lazy and tired.It was hot and windy and it was a nice breeze.

Well when we were running one of the kids shoes got stuck in the mud and they just kept on running and everyone started laughing.It was funny and the shoe was just sitting there.

I felt happy for cross country because I love running and it is a little bit long but I could still do it.I would be proud of myself with whatever I come when I was running through the finish line

At the finish line I never knew I came third  and I am happy for myself. This is the first time that I have never came third. My mum is going to be proud of me.

I am very proud of myself. The best part to me was when I came third and running through the greek. I don’t really like mud but I have to get used to it.Also I am happy that I have came third because I have never ever came third before.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Sausage story

I am going to tell you what happened on Tuesday. Well we had a sausages sizzle. They cost $1.00 from my teacher Mr Marks.

First we had to cut the onions and make them turn into half cut rings. When we were cutting the onions it started to make us cry and people thought we were crying for a reason. I had watering eyes and then I wiped my eyes with my hands. My eyes got even more sore  because I forgot to wash my hands after cutting the onions.

My teacher Mr Marks was grilling the sausages and we could smell it from inside the classroom. He said to us “stay away from the grill because you might get burnt” and that is true. There were 32 people at school and Mr Marks was making a lot because he got 50 sausages in a bag.

We had to cook the onions as well on the grill because we don't eat raw onions.  When the onions were cooking people were putting the leftover raw onions in front of their eyes so they can cry and that was me.  The onions took long to cook so the bell rang and Mr Marks said “GO to play and they will be ready when you  come back from ICT and music.”

When we got back from ICT and music everything was all cooked. Mr Marks said to me “You can give the bread to the class  and they can come to me and I will give them onions and a sausage”. So he told the class what to do when they get up. Aldora and Meleane gave out some bbq and tomato sauce.

When everyone got their sausage they had to go outside. There  were  six or seven sausages left and we gave some to the teachers. Hope and I took one to the office and Grace took one to the kitchen. When everyone was done eating we went to lunch and enjoyed the rest of the day.

The best part for me was when we cut the onions and broke them into pieces. Also when I was handing out the bread to people and when I took some to the teachers. I loved my sausage it was tasty.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My monster

Hi my name is Mele and this is my monster.It is are girl and her name is oblina

Cross country training

At cross country we had to line up in our class lines and Mr Marks will say “ Year 5 boy year 6 girls year 6 boy and year 5 girls” but one bye one. So we had to wait for our year to get called and that was year 6 girls.  But we had to wait for the other classes to come so the classes that were coming were room 17,16,14 and 13 I am in room 15. Sometimes we come last and by the way we have to line up at that the courts.

Everyone was here so Mr Marks went “ Year 6 boy can go then year 6 girls can go then year 5 boys can go then the last was year 5 girls”. When all of us left to do our running. I was jogging so we had to go pass room 13,12,11,10,9 and 8.

But the thing I was getting annoying on was we had to run around 2 times. I was sweating and I got tired. I was slowing down and tried to not stop but I had to stop. So we had to pass Miss Ouano then Miss Graden then Miss king then Mr Someville.

So we ran out the Breeze and Miss Ouano was there then We had to turn left ,that heads towards the pt england beach and went passed  Miss king who was standing by the field then we had to keep on going. We were getting near the beach but we didn’t go all the way down Mr somerville was standing where the car park was. then we had to go around him and he would tell us what we are coming.  But I didn’t listen because I wanted to get back to school but that was my first round. When everyone was on their second run they stopped halfway and that was me and others.

On our second run The teachers were telling us to hurry up because the bell was going to ring.So everyong that had stopped they ran so they can get back to school. I ran so I could get back. When I was running I told everyone who was walking “you can do it come on” so they ran. Everyone got back to school and we had to walk around the courts until everyone got back from running and when the teachers come.

When Mr Marks would blow the whistle and everyone would have to come in to do some stretches. So we did hand stretches and leg stretches. It was hard for some people like me because we had to hold one of our legs up and try and stay still. I kept on dropping my leg. We had to do both legs but one by one. Then we had to cross our arms to the side and our other arm has to go up and then we had to change our arms.

After that we had to line up where our teacher was. Then we had to head back to class. My class had to get their bags and sit on the mat. After that Mr Marks would hand out the newsletters. Then he would talk to us about what is on it. Whenever he has done telling us we would have some time to play heads down thumbs up. When the bell rings and he say “ Good afternoon room 15” and we say “good afternoon Mr Marks”.Then we go home or go somewhere but I have training after school so I go training.Sometimes for netball and sometimes for rugby.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My rugby training story

At rugby training we had to train in the mud at the bottom field. First we got into teams. The first drill we did was passing the ball to each other without dropping it.  So it was like we had to control the ball. When it whizzed towards me I had to try and get a try but it was a big impact.

listening  carefully to what we needed to do and what team we were in, we did our drills. When we were playing we made a muddy mess and we were skidding and falling in the mud. We also destroyed the grass and made it look like a mud pool.  Also when we were playing some of us were exhausted.  All of us  flew to try and get are try and it worked.

After that we had to get the mud off us and clean ourselves, also we had to put on our uniform and shoes. Miss Vaafusuaga said “ You girls be fast and get to class or I will get into trouble AND then you will BE IN trouble by me”.  So we sprinted to class and put our shoes on in class.    Our teacher told us to line up because we had cross country and all of the girls complained,  “ Not more fitness”, but I was happy because I love running.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic torch relay

Months before each game, an fire torch lite the opening of a ceremony which reflects anginet rituals.A female performer acting as a priestess.

The olympics torch is carried during the ceremony until it reaches the last torch career.From there on, the olympics challengers will officially begin.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

This is my reading work

We have been learning about personification and simile in our reading this week.  

This is a ball fly in the air like a butterfly

The five rings story

This term our inquiry topic is the Olympic Games. We will be taking a close look at the London games and also uncovering some of the amazing stories of the Olympics, both past and present.

The olympic symbol is better known as the circled rings. It represent the five inhabited continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, America, Australasia).The  colours blue, yellow, black, green, red from the olympic flag represent the flags from the countries of the people that went to the olympics. It was created in the 1914 and the first olympics it was raised in was the 1920 games.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My art story

I liked this picture because it had details and it had lots of colours.The illustrator was my sister, Selina from room 22. But this person took a photo and then they had to paint it. It looked like it was a photo but she painted it.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Alien future story

One night.....I looked out my window and  saw a ladie that was dancing.So I went out side to see who it was and it was Grace.When I saw her I joined her and then we heard a noise and we got sacred so we ran inside.

We got inside and looked out the window it saw someone then he looked back at us.He told us to come to him so we went outside.It was an alien and his name is penelope.

We said to penelope “what are you doing here”?And he said “I have came to get you so you can come with me to my planet”.I asked “where is your planet and what is your planet called”?”It is called mars and we have a lot of friends also our planet is not far from here”.”We will come but we have to be fast before my mum gets worry”.

“ your planet looks cool so where is everyone”.”They might be sleeping or they might be hiding”.”So lets go and look for them”.”Why are you guys locking us in there we an't pets”.”Help help someone help me”.”I wish my brother is here”.

I am here and I am going to save you.Hurry before they come back and sale us to their alien friends and family.Does Mum know I am gone.No but she is going to wake up at 6.00am like she always and she will know your gone so do you know where the key is?The key is on the wall.

Now you're out so lets go outside,You can not leave when we welcome you you can’t leave.Let's go sister,try and leave mars but it will pull you back all of you’s.If you welcome your mum she will be suck here to........

Two weeks later......Wolf wolf They have turn to my dogs,But i haven’t,But you will.1 day later........The family live happily ever after.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mele's clay work shop

As we entered the clay workshop we had to find a seat and put an apron on. After that we got to see a dish of clay.What we were making was clay sculptures.The ladies that were showing us how to make it was Sue and Georgia.

So what we did first was we cut the clay with kebabs sticks.Then we had to stick them back on but facing upward. It was making a frame for the outside.We had to use glue to stick it back on.

When we were done we had to move on to the next step and that was putting glass in our clay.There were big glass and little glass. Also they were multi coloured.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Claude Monet

Claude Monet was are french impressionist painter.He also enjoyed painting the same subject and landscape or cityscape. Each painting captured a moment in time. Each show different colours and light.

Claude Monet lived in Giverny.He like to paint his beautiful water garden because the water moves and reflects the world and how it changes colours in the sun. He painted the water garden  over and over again.

The famouse painting of the Japanese bridge shows an arched bridge with a pond under it.It has trees and shrubs  surounding the pond. Each season the pond would change with leaves falling into the pond. In the summer the water would be warm with light shining onto the surface.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Robert Delaunay art by Mele

Robert Delaunay was a french painter.His wife name was Sonia. He used Art form called Orphism And he used vibrant colours and geometric shapes was apart of his life. Also he was a writer and a poet.

He liked to use vibrant bright colours to bring his art alive. He likes contrasting two different colours together to oppose each other. He used geometric shapes to represent objects and people.

In the painting of the tall portuguese woman on the left side of the picture is a big leaf. It was full of contrasting colours.  In the center he used geometric shapes to make a table in  the kitchen.

This is my first attempt at creating a piece of art the style of Robert Delaunay.

My reading story

I have been learning about the illustrator Ali Teo and her fun playful style of art.
These are the kinds of animals she draws.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

All about Jackson Pollock drawing

Jackson Pollock was  America and he lived in America.The part he lived in was in New York .He was married to an American lady.Her name is Lee Krasner.Also he was a painter and he did  his own painting design.How he paints was he flick's the paint to his paper.Also he liked to used the primary colours. He died on August 11,1956 and when he was 44.He was born in 1912.He was passionate about art because that was his  favourite thing to do. He passed away in a car crash.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Story About Creatures

If there was no rain the sea creature will be the only creature alive. It is possible that the creature that live on land would Not Survive without rain.

There are a few parts of the of the world where it does not rain. In the desert, animals and plants cannot live there because it does not have rain.

Rain supplies us and animals with drinking water. It makes things grow and survive.

Some people in city get angry when it rains. They forget that farmers badly need to grow grass and food. Also cattle need water. The water goes into the dam and when you turn on your tap water comes out.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mele Swimming lesson

Wow guess what my class did on Monday we went to the pools to learn how to swim. What we did first was got in to our togs then had a shower. Then we had to sit on the chairs. We all got a turn at swimming because they had to put us in groups.  When we got into our swimming groups. Guess what group I was in? I was in group two. Also my teacher was Natalie. She told us who she is  and what she is.

When we all were getting out of the pool my eyes was stinging.I was happy
that we had another shower and my eyes got better.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My brothers birthday

Guess what I did on Saturday the 21st? We had my little brother’s 5th birthday.

Now that he is five, he is coming to my school and I am going to look after him. Some of his friends came to his birthday.We had a Cars bouncy castle. When we got the bouncy castle, my brother, my sister and I went on it because we got it before everyone got here. So we went on first.

When everyone was here we got to play games like musical chairs, sack races, leg to leg race, egg games, a food fight and then we all had prizes to win. I came third in musical chairs , first in the sack race, second in leg to leg race, I started the food fight and second in the egg games. It was so much fun we all were covered with cream and chilli.

After that we all ate BBQ ,chips,salad ,egg salad and shapes.So it was so yum i didn’t eat we all sang happy birthday to my brother then we prayed and then we got to but I was not hungry so I was plying with my cousin on the bouncy castles.But everyong else ate and when they were done I ate.It was the best food in my life.

Then after that we ate cake and ice cream.I was first because I was there first.Everyone was on the bouncy castle.I don’t really like the bouncy castle.The ice cream flavour was lime and chocolate.The cake was filled of chocolate and cream white cream.

When It was all finished We all played pin the tail.It was my game.The closes was my big cousin and his name was junior.I came 4th but I tired to come 1st but I didn’t.When it was all done the people came to pick up the bouncy castles.

Everyone went home when we were done.And after that I went to bed.Thanks for reading my story.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Te best holiday

In the holidays I am looking forward to my brothers birthday. Also there are going to be a lot of people from my little brothers school. His name is Leone. He is turning 5 and he is coming to my school.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Christmas is the best to me because we get to have some time with all my family.We are all going to go to the beach for are hangi and are swim if it is not raining.I hope it don’t rain.When it is Christmas I will wake my mum up by jumping on her bed.I can’t wait for Christmas

My book that I write about

Title:The Princess and the pea.

Author/ illustrated:Mike Gordon,Han christian Andersen.

Main problem:The Prince was looking for the real princess and so he put a pea under twenty beds and so there was a maid how was cleaning and she was tired so she slept on the twenty bed with a pea under them and when she got up she felt the bed lumpy then they found the real princess it was the maid.

Solution:How the Prince solved the problem was he put one little pea under the twenty bed then the maid was cleaning the room then fell asleep.When we woke up she called for help so the prince came and said “What a you doing up there” and she said “I was so tried that i fell asleep on the bed”.Also this bed so lumpy.Then he solved the problem and they got marry ed and found the prince.

Did you like it?
Yes it was a lovely story to read.I would love to sleep on twenty bed.All the beds a nice and colorful.Thanks for reading my story.