Friday, November 30, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Friends Place

Once there was these people called Sisilia,Vanessa,Maleana and Sesalina.They all went to Vanessa house to jump on her tamp.First they finished school and had to go to there own home to get change.When they finish getting changed they all walked to Vanessa house.But they picked up each other first.So Sisilia picked up Maleana.Then Sisilia and Maleana picked up Sesalina and they all walked to Vanessa’s house.

When they got to Vanessa’s house and they knocked on her door and Vanessa answered it and said “You guys made it”.So  she took them to the back to jump on the tamp.they all had to take turns so 2 people  got to jump on the tamp at a time and the other two listened to music until it was their turn

The first two people that went on were Sisilia and Sesalina and the other two listened to music.When they were jumpin they did flips and they played games on the tamp.It is funny because they couldn’t flip good.Wehn the other two were dancing to are song called Azonto and it was funny because they were dancing like fobs.

After they finished it was the other two to hop on the tamp.The people that were on the tamp were jumping and they kept  on jumping high and they tried to do a backflip but they couldn’t.They only could do are frontflip.Also the other two that were listen to music they played tag with each other.When they were done they all went home and had dinner.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Spooky Haunted Halloween House

Once there were these people called Sam,Maleana,Cara,Nu’u and Jake went halloween.After school they went  home and got change for halloween.When they got home they all had something to wear and they dressed as themself.As they finish getting changed they all walked to Cara’s house and they letf from cara’s house.

When they left they stopped by this house that as halloween people outside so they went to go knocked on the door and as the person of the house opened the door she scared them.Also they said trick or treat and the owner gave them are black of chocolate each.They all ate it when they went to the next house.

As they were walking to the next house they threw eggs at it then ran away.The people they owned the house got angry and started to run after them.But they didn’t catch them.So they all ran away and Nu’u said “why are we trick or treating for”?And Cara said “because it is fun”. “But an’t it for little kids” Maleana said. No it is for everyone Thought Jake.

As they were walking they saw a haunted house so they went into it.When they went into it they saw some run pass and they all got scared.They went to see what the house had in it.They saw dead people laying on the ground so they ran out of the house but they couldn’t get out.So they were looking for ways and Zombies came alive.

The Zombies came from the window the down and even the people that were dead on the ground they came alive.They were all scared they tried to get out and one Zombie ate Sam.The rest of them tried to get a way out but they couldn’t.SO they saw are phone and called the police. and the police came.

The police came and they knew it was a video.But they never so they got scared also Sam knew it was are video but he didn’t tell.When the police got inside they got their guns out and and shoot the Zombies,but it was not are real gun.So when the video was done they turned on the lights and the people that never knew it was are act they got angry.

When they done the video the people that were angry would not forget about with happened and they were scared whenever they go to bed.That is how they lived for the rest of their life’s.