Friday, May 30, 2014

How To Make An Instrument Using Only One Straw .

My book Review: The World Of Norm

Author: Jonathan Meres
Reviewer: Mele class 4
Grand total of books read this year: 3
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What's with overdue homework, overdue pocket money and a bag full of overdue newspapers, one thing's for sure: life of norm isn't getting any less unfair. And did he mention the fact that he's the only kid on the planet without an ipad.

NORM knew it was going to be one of those days when he got out of bed and trod in something he shouldn't have.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Science Road Show .

Entering Tamaki College all I could see were science project and also Tamaki College students. I couldn’t wait until they showed us about how science works and what they do for science. As we sat down in our seat and we all had to wait for the science teachers that have came to talk to us about science and what is science about .

Looking around I knew mostly everyone in the hall from Tamaki College and also they mostly all knew me. We all met the science people and they showed us some experiments and it was awesome. When they showed us some science experiments we all set off to try the other things that they bring with them to Tamaki College.

My favourite science experiments was the name mole because you get to get your named molded into a plastic paper. I did my name and wrote ily which stands for ILOVEYOU. They told us if we go to motat we would be able to see them there and they would show us more experiments with things. I wish that I became a science person so I could learn how to do thing with equipment and other things.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Sound Explanation

If we had no sound in the world then we wouldn’t be able to listen to amazing music that people have made. I wouldn't be able to live if there was no music because my life would be less FUN. But how does sound work ?

Sound can be made by the vibrating of the object.Sound vibrates the air molecules which vibrates your ear drum that converts to electrical signals. The sound goes through your ears hits straight to your brain. Sound can be made by the vibrating of the object. For example as you hit the drum with drumsticks the sound of that object will reflex the skin of the drums which vibrates up and down.

Sound is also different because they have different beats to each other and they also sound different. Some sound have high and low pitch sound and if the high pitch is high then it vibrates fast but if it is low it take it times.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Term 2 week 3

Do you know who Steven Adams is? Well I know a little bit about him! 

Steven Adams is a New Zealand basketball player who play for a team that is called  Oklahoma City Thunder.  Steven Adams was born on July the 28th, 1993 and is 20 years old in Rotorua. He plays centre and one of the best attributes include aggressiveness.He also has been in the international champion ship. Did you know that he has got a sister and a brother that is also famous? Their names are Valerie Adams and Warren Adams. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Term 2 Week 2 Quiz.

Breaking news I have just heard that in Africa there are about 234 girls missing from their homes. Their Mums would wonder where they are because they wouldn’t return home from school. These girls have been taken from school during their breaks through school.

The girls that have been kidnapped from school have been paraded on video. The  Islamic militant group Boko Haram said if they want them to release the girls that they have taken and kidnapped have to accepted Islam or they will be treated as the prophet. The girls have been treated infidels and they will have to stay with Islamic militant group Boko Haram.

How does echolocation work?.

Echolocation is the way different animals use sound waves that rebound off the objects around them. They use echolocations so they know where they are going or navigate and also know how to locate food. Bats use echolocation at night so they know if they are going to hit something of not. They emit high pitch sound which are more than 20 000 herzt.

Bats are mammals and they use echolocation at night as they are flying around or looking for prey. Bats makes noises and there noises rebound off whatever is around them back to to the bats, So the bats know if they're going to hit something or not. Bats make noises so they can get to where they need or so they can find their family.

Echolocation works by noises that people make. Ben can’t see but he can hear what is happening around him and also what is in front of him. He makes noises from his mouth  so he knows what is in front of him and what is not. When you make noises it rebounds from off whatever is around you.

After watching the video about a boy who can see with no eyes i thought to myself “if I close my eyes and makes noises will be rebound off the wall ” ? Ben is just like us but he just doesn’t have eyes to see where he is heading to. I never knew echolocation could help people that a blind and get them around place’s.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly Term 2.

Walking into the hall for the first day of term 4 all I could see were balloons and all the teachers dressed up.  Our topic this term is I like to move it move it and it kinder like sciences . I can't wait for this term to start because I think I'm gonna enjoy this topic.

Team 1:  About going to the Zoo.
Team 2: Flight.
Team 3: Light ( Different colours Of Light ).
Team 4: Floating/Sinking.
Team 5: Music / Sound.

As we sat down in the hall Mr Burt welcomed us back to school and then we had team items to watch. First up was team 1 and in the holidays all the teachers in team one went to the zoo and took pictures of what they saw.  They saw where the hippos go sleep where the elephants live and also they saw that a lot of people enjoyed the zoo. This term team 1 will be looking at animals and writing about them.

After that came team 2. Team 2 told us about light and what lights also does ?. It is pretty interesting because if there is all sorts of different colour light. One of the teachers asked us if we know what colour is an banana in the dark?. So I wonder what light it would be ? hmmm....

When all our teams were done showing us about what we a learning about Mr Burt what giving out little rugby balls. We were about to finish up in the hall but then Mr Jacobsen told us that number 8 wires is the strongest wires to use. I can't wait to get into the middle of this term because my team which is team 5 is learning about music/sounds.