Monday, February 24, 2014

What The Point England Way Mean's And How It Started!..

What The Point England Way means to me is that we have to represent our school properly when other schools or visitors come to our school. Also what it means to our school is that we all can be friends and play games with each other during lunch or morning tea. At Point England we don't choose sides or be racist to each other we just get along with one another.

The Point England Way started in 2000-2001 with the help of Otalani Meleisla who used to work at our school. When it first started it was called Belonging to Point England but then we thought about changing it to The Point England Way. We have it so it can help everyone in the school and so the little kids could get prepared for the future.

The purpose of the Point England Way is to help our school learn how to write, read, be sensible and responsible around our school and also in public area's. According to Mr Burt, Point England's principal it also means "It is our kawa of care, the way we do things so that we can be happy with one another, safe enjoy each other's company, learn well and be happy at school."

We have korero's in our school which means that it's a saying or a phrase to help people.You could be a good leader and lead a good example for little kids that start your school or you could help other's be kind and to give a impression to other's about our school.So The Point England Way could help you to be a good role model's around place's and that you can show people how to wear it with pride.

Monday, February 17, 2014

All About The Treaty !..

Do you know all about the “Treaty of Waitangi”? Well, let me tell you all about it.... Waitangi Day celebrations come once a year .... It’s about the Maori and when the British, came to the Bay of Islands to sign the treaty. The Maoris and the British Queen Both agreed to sign it so everyone can come together

The 3 p’s which are Protection Partnership and Participation was used by the Maori and British. The British wanted to Protect the land but then the maoris wanted to do the same. British and the Maori’s all wanted to participate in the land but then the british didn’t want to share the land.

When they all gathered together to sign the treaty, the British thought that if they would sign the treaty, they would rule over nz. The Maoris thought that if they would sign the treaty then they would have more trade and have peace. They also thought that British will control the settlers. Somehow they started trading and it became more peace.

So every once a year, Waitangi is celebrated in New Zealand. Waitangi is very special here in New Zealand for some people. This is what waitangi really means. “Treaty of Waitangi”.