Friday, November 22, 2013

My Writing Sample

Walking down the street all I could hear were whispers coming in one ear and out the
other but I turned around and no-one was there. All I keep hearing was “ Help help
Someone get me out of here”. I ran fast like a fox back home to tell my Mum “ Mum
Mum when I was walking I could hear someone asking me to help them”. Mum replied
in a calmly way “ It was just your imagination don’t worry.

I thought my Mum was right but late at night I heard a whisper again “ Help help
Someone get me out of here”. I was having strange flashes in my head and seeing pictures of me in a dark room hanging on the wall.  In the morning I had breakfast and went for a walk down
my street. I went to the same place I heard the whisper coming from.I stood there to
see if the whisper was going to come back and it did but that whisper didn't say the
same thing the whisper said“ Help help Shanikqua please can you help me ” (My eye’s
went big and I was scared.) I turned around but I couldn't see anyone so I looked at
the house that was at the back and saw something strange from the inside.

So I open the gate and walked slowly like a turtle to go and see where the noise was
coming from. As I got near the door slowly open so I stood to see who was opening the
it but no-one was there. As I walked into the house I could hear people walking around
so I went upstairs to see if anyone was there but as I got upstairs someone grabbed
me with their muscled arms wrapped around my neck and started to choke.  They put me into a room and locked me in so I screamed and screamed but no one could hear me. When I stopped screaming I looked around the room and all I saw were pictures of me. As I was thinking to myself “why are there pictures of me” my heart was beating and I panicked.   I got even more scared then I was before so I kicked the door then I heard someone coming up
near the room.

Someone was standing by the door so I walked away from the door and sat in the
corner of the room. As The door open someone put a tray of food in the floor and
closed the door but I didn’t eat it I just wanted to go home and be safe. I could feel my
phone in my pocket of my jumper so I grabbed it out and called my Mum “ Mum can
you help me someone had lock me in a room and I don’t know where I am” I said in a
scared voice”. “Shanikqua Where are you I hope you're safe I will get the police to
track the phone so they can find you ok” As my Mum said. I hang the phone up and when my Mum got to the police station she rang me and the police could track my phone. “ Hello Shanikqua I have justed tracked your phone so we will be at the place
you’re at to get you out of there ok” As the police Responded to me. “Ok”.

I sat quietly in the room that I got locked in and suddenly I heard the police’s so I was
happy but Scared at the same time. When I heard the door open all I saw was my
Mum’s head pop so I ran to her and gave her a big hug. As I walked down the stairs
the police caught the man who locked me up and took him to jail. Before they left they put a lock on the door of the house so no-one else could get in.

Future Science !

As I walked into class Mrs Lagitupu told us that the team 5 are all gathering in the street because there are you vistister that have came to our school. As we all walked into the street we sat down and Mrs Tito introduced them to us “ These lovely ladies are science and they know alot of thing about science so listen carefully and put your hands up when they ask a question”.

So as they introduced their names  and told us what they do in there life one of them showed us some experiments on how to catch someone from breaking into your home. But first she tipped some powder into a bowl and she picked a volunteer to stand in the bowl to make a footprint. It was to be Clevelyn from room 19 he stood unto the bowl and made a footprint.  

After that she had another plastic filled with water and powder so she passed it around and everyone mixed it around. When it was all mixed up she tipped it into the footprint of Clevelyn shoe. It took a while to set so she left it for us to see what is would look like after that. But after they were down they went to room 15 because room 15 forgot to come to the street.

My favourite part was when she told us that she can travel around the world and learn a lot of science so I was thinking of what I would wanna be when I grow up. So I can improve my school work and try to get the job I want.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Athletics day !

Just finding out that we had athletics today I was nervous because we had to verse our year group and I versed the year 7’s. As we got changed into our house colours we had to go to the courts and get ready to start our  first event. Our first event was soft ball throw but first some of the tamaki college people came to help us out with the event. So when the helpers went to their event we left to go our first activity.

When we got there we had to sit down and listen to what we had to do. The helpers name was Nathaniel and he came from tamaki college. He needed two helpers when the others throw the soft ball the other two all on the field can bring them back in so me and Jazelle helped him. When everyone had their turn throwing the ball it was my turn. As I picked the ball up all the girls were like “ Mele is going to throw it the furthest because she has manly arms”. When I threw the ball I threw it the furthest so I came first.

When we moved to our next event we had to hop skip and jump so I couldn’t wait for my turn. When it got near my turn I stood up and had a practice before I had to go up and have a turn. I ran then hop skip and jump but as I jumped I fell onto my bum. Everyone was laughing but I didn’t feel ashamed because I was laughing to. I came first again on the event to.

My favourite event was Sprints even though I came forth because I was proud of myself and when we did races I pulled a muscle but didn’t give up and still tried my best. Mr Burt told me that I didn’t have to run because it hurted so bad the pain made me cry but I still ran because champions never give up.