Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My best moive.


                             Hope you enjoyed it thank you for watching bye.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

net books

At the start of the year,year 5 and up got net books.Now it is the end of the year we are doing are reflection about the positive and negatives.

The best thing I like about my net book is that we get to go on Internet and play games.Also we can upload games to play.But the one thing I really really like is that we can chat to our friends on our on our own Google docs.The things that I like to do at school on my net book is that I like playing on math whizz and Xar math.I think that I have improved more in my math.

The thing I don’t like about net books is that the Internet is slow sometimes.Also people go on to something that they are not allowed to go on like face book and bebo. But overall net books are better than pencil and paper because your hand gets tired and hurts when you write with pencils. You don’t get tired writing on key boards.Also I would really miss all the fun things I have been doing. It makes school more interesting.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Immersion Assembly

From Immersion Assembly Term 4 2011

"I wonder why the teachers are dressed up?" I said to myself. Oh that's right it is the start of term 4.They are dressed up so we can learn about what topic we are studying this term. We found out our topic is called Outta This World.It is all about planets and space.

It went from team 1 to team 5.The best one to me was team 4.What they did was the wiggles singing twinkle twinkle Little Star.They did graceful ballet movements like twirls,leaps,pirouette and pivots. Also They danced with pom poms.The best dance move to me was the twirl because I can twirl too.

There was one funny part in their item that I enjoyed and it was when Mr Marks was dressed like a girl.He had pom poms and was being a ballet dancer all around the stage. I said to myself "Team 4 was the best."

The 2nd best team was team 2.All the teachers in team 2 were doing a space rap.As soon as they walked on the stage they had box on their head.They got the box from our production - the fake book (not face book)item.

I am so happy that we are going to learn about planets.I think it is going to be exciting this term.

From Immersion Assembly Term 4 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On Thursday room 14 went to badminton.We went because these ladies were at Pt England and they like to teach people.Their names were Donna and Lorene.

What we did was we had shuttles and rackets.The shuttle’s had feathers on the bottom.Also on the top it had a rubber.With the racket we hit the rubber.We all got a shuttle and a racket then we had to keep it airborn.So after that we did under leg.As soon as we did that we had to hit it up the air 3 times then do it under our legs.

We played games after that and we played a game that we had to take 5 shuttle from the bin. We had to take 5 steps away from the bin with the 5 shuttles and with our racket’. What we had to do is try to get them in the bin from 5 steps away. It was hard for me. I only 2 in.

Next we played a game with a net. It was like volleyball but we did it with rackets and shuttles. The boys played with one net and the girls played with the other net. 
 We played this game with Donna because Lorene was at a tournament playing against other people. It was cool as. I was first.

We did back hands and forehand. It was tricky to do. Also I was on edge. We played a game and we had to hit run and pass. It was tricky to aim for the shuttle.I f we don’t hit the shuttle we lose the racket.So it kept getting trickier and trickier. After that game we had to go back to class.

By Mele.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The liver

The liver is something that is in people’s body.It is the biggest organ in the body-the size of the small melon. The liver is on the right hand side in the humans body.

The liver has 500 job to do.It warms up the blood and breaks food.The food goes in the mouth then it goes in to the stomach. Once it is in the stomach it turns into liquid.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1. Keep your eye on the ball.

As soon as I walked in the door I saw all the teachers dressed up like rugby players. They were dressed up so all the children know what we are learning about for topic this term. Our topic this term is talking about the rugby world cup.

The best part was when Miss Lavakula, Miss Walters and Miss Burne were in an eating competition. They were dressed as rugby player from different counties and they had to pick a person from the audience. When they got a person they picked a table to eat on then they started .New Zealand won so they got a lollipop for their prize.

They went from team 1 to team 4. Team 5 werrn't there because they had gone up to Tamaki College. They always go there on Monday for tech.

When I was thinking about which was the best, to me it was either team 4, or Miss Lavakula, Miss Walters and Miss Burne -team 3 .All of the team’s were good but I just have to pick team 3.

As soon as the assembly was done I was looking forward for this term topic because we are going to talk about the rugby world cup. I have never heard of the rugby world cup.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keep your eye on the ball.

As soon as I walked in the door I saw all the teachers dressed up like rugby players. They were dressed up so all the children will know what we are learning about for our topic this term. Our topic this term is talking about the rugby world cup. It is called Keep Your Eye on the Ball.

The best part was when Miss Lavakula, Miss Walters and Miss Burne were in an eating competition. They were dressed as rugby players from different countries and they had to pick a person from the audience. When they got a person they picked a table to eat on, then they started. The rugby players had their hands behind their backs while the helpers were feeding them as if they were their arms. New Zealand won so they got a lollipop for their prize.The weetbix went all over their clothes and faces. The funniest part was when Miss Lavakula lifted the table up with her knees to make it closer to eat faster.

As soon as the assembly was done I was looking forward for this term's topic.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

At Motat

Guess where room 14 went? On Wednesday we went to Motat to lean about inventions. My auntie went with us. First we went in the bus and I sat with Robert.

When we got there we went to the room we were going to eat in. Then we went to the Tactile Dome. It was the best. Suddenly it was my turn.I felt nervous. While we were in the dome I was screaming because I couldn’t find the way out. I was stuck in there.Luckily some one helped me.Finally I got out of the dome but I felt dizzy. 

When we were done we went to the mirror maze. It was the best. I kept on crashing into the mirrors. I ran with my friend to the end of the mirror maze.When we made it to the end we went to the game room.

I went on the earthquake cafe and it was fun. People got in it and then we pressed the green button and away it went like an earthquake. I felt scared and I couldn’t move.So I pressed the red button then it stopped. 

When we were done we went on our inventions trail.We went to look at the old fashioned cars, fire engines, trams and also the motor cycle. Richard Pearce was the first one who made the first airplane. He made it with a bicycle 
and wooden framing. 
After that we went to the Whisper dish and I was talking to Chloe. Then I was talking to Hayley, Martha, Sisilia and Eiflona.

When we left we were late for the bus so we were running. We were so happy we made it.When we got  to school and we got 2 mins to play on our net book and went home. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Walking to the pools.

Do you know where room 14 went? We went to the pools. We walked out passed the shops and passed the basket ball courts.
As soon as we entered the pools we got into our togs and had a shower. Some people were in Mr .S’s team and some people were in Ms Squires team.I was in Mr S’s team.
My team were in the deep pool.It was so cold that my teeth were chattering.When it was my turn. I pushed off the wall with a powerful kick and .I was doing steady strokes.Then I went under the water and was gasping for breath.As soon as I got to the nd I was exhausted and drained.
As soon as I hopped out of the pool I got a shock of cold. Also I was shivering and shaking. When I hope out of the pool I felt really cold.
I pushed off the wall with are powerful kick.
With a powerful kick I reachedto the other side.
I practised the breathing position, rolling to breathe. I felt really cold.

Mr S.Said ”You have to roll to breathe” and I said, ” I cant”. But I tried and I did it. I was swimming with a powerful kick to the end. When I hopped out of the pool I felt really cold.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I wonder what I am going to do?

My birthday is 2 weeks away on a Tuesday and I can not wait for it to come. “You can go to Rainbow’s End or have a birthday party” said Mum. It is going to be the best to me. Isara’s birthday is on June the 21st but I am one year older than him. It is going to be the best birthday, if we go to Rainbow’s End.

Monday, June 13, 2011

In the weekend

On Monday night my little cousin was sick and he couldn't move. Also his eyes were rolling back.My big cousin was next to him and and he was shaking and he felt stiff.When they went to take him me my sister and my two cousin were left and we did not go out of the. It felt sad to us and I was crying . And my sister and cousin was crying to.We heard are noise and it was my uncle. All of us felt save so we went to see if my little cousin was fine. He was sitting in the car on my cousin. Then the ambulance came and took my cousin. My aunties went with him. So when they went my uncle took me home.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

Acrostic Poem

She kicked off the wall with a powerful kick.
Water was going in to her face.
In the water it was really warm
Her body was rolling to breathe.
Mouth bubbling in the water.
It was free time to do back stroke
Now she had to swim to the other side without breathing
Go and have a shower before going in the pools.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Immersion Assembly

In assembly I said “I wonder what we are going to learning this year “.We are learning about bigger better stronger faster.All the teachers did are acted with there team. And the best team was Miss Lavakula. Because they sang baby baby washes your hands.So that was so the best to most of us but the others were cool to.after that team 4 was the best.And that the one that I was talking about.Immersion

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Holiday

In the holiday I went to to the movies with my mum and my aunties kids. My mum paid for the movie tickets and my auntie got the food drinks and the ice cream. We were watching the 3D movie Rio. It was so freaky because it was coming near us. I said to my cousin “It’s coming near us” and she said “I am scared”.
We were in room 3 and that’s how old my little sister is. 2 adults came and 7 kids came. My aunties kids names are Portia, Jade and their two sisters, (I don't know their names.) My mum’s kids are Leylani, Leon’e and me. When the movie finished we were playing in the games room. Then we left the movie. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


When I was walking up the stairs I heard echoing coming from up stairs. It looked scary because it took long to walk up. It took long to walk up and when I got up to the end I was waiting in the long line.
Before we were going down the hydro slide we had to wait for the green light to come on. Mr. S. and Mr. Marks were pushing everyone down. They were zooming down fast. My friends and I were waiting for our turn.
Finally it was my turn. I had to wait for the green light to come. When it came on Mr S. gave me a powerful push. When I was zooming down the pitch black slide I was screaming with excitement . In the dark it looked like I had seen a ghost. I was happy to go down and was zooming down fast. I got to the end and I hopped out of he hydro slide.

School Picnic

On Friday the 25Th of Feb was the best day of my life because there was a picnic at the beach. All the kids were so happy. But first we all had to meet all the teachers in the hall. We all were singing songs because we were waiting for Mr Burt. Mr J. was playing the songs. Why we went is so we can have fun. We have a picnic every year. How we got there is we walked there because its our beach.We went with all the school.
When we got there we sat on the grass near the beach and Mr Burt was talking to us because we had to see were we could sit and play. Our class sat under the smallest tree. When we got there we ate our morning tea and I ate it all because I was so hungry. It was yum yum. When I stopped eating I played on the park. After that I went down to the beach to get some crabs. But I was too scared to pick up the crabs so I got some clay and picked the crabs up with clay.

At Skateland

When we arrived at Skateland we put our rollerblades on and skated on to the rink. After we were on the rink I was swerving around people and it was fun. Suddenly we had games and the games we had were boys and and girls races. I came second even though I tried my hardest to come first. Well the second game was a backwards race and I came second again. I mostly came first on all the games but not limbo. I came in 4th or 5th place. It was fun at Skateland.

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Hoilday

On Sunday I went to the big day out. I went with my auntie and uncle and all my cousins. There is a beach across the road from the big day out, so we had a swim (at the beach) with my cousins.
At the big day out there was a park and a stage where people sang. I could hear the songs playing while I was at the beach. I said to my cousins, "Don't go far because you will drown." I swam with them and it was not deep for us.We were all girls and we made friends.
The day stopped at 6.00pm. I made balls with uad like mudball's .After that I went home The end.