Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Muggle Quidditch. ( Common Wealth Games )

Muggle Quidditch:
Quidditch is a game that has been played on a movie called Harry Potter. Quidditch was invented by JK Rowling the author of the Harry Potter series. JK had a reason why this game was invented. She said that she designed the game in a Manchester hotel room after rowing with her then boyfriend.

Quidditch is a co-ed contact sport with equipment used from Rugby, Dodgeball and Tag. The equipment that you use is a broomstick and round balls. Also you will need 3 hoops for each teams scoring goals.

Rules For Quidditch:
Brooms, Small Medium Large Hoops, Balls,
All players can play while riding a broom, So feel free to use brooms or not up to you.
Teams: Chaser, Beaters

Rule 1:  Each player has to have (1 goalkeeper).

Rule 2:  Place one softball and two other hard balls in the middle or the field. The soft and hard balls should atleast be slightly deflated do they are easier to throw and catch.

Rule 3: Game has started. Both teams each start from the edge and attempt to obtain the soft ball and the other hard balls.

Rule 4: Chasers have to try to score by throwing the softball into one or the three goals or the hoops. Each score is worth 10 points. The beaters have to try peg players with the hard balls.  Such as if a player from the other team get pegged by the beaters they will need to stop what they're doing and go back to their goal; i.e.
( The team player that got pegged will have to drop the soft ball in the case or a chaser will need to touch their goal post or sit down for at least 10 seconds. The keepers will need to block the goals if the chaser try to score.  

Rule 5: The sense or the game quidditch is to score as most points and then the games ends when the seeker snatches a snitch