Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Christmas is the best to me because we get to have some time with all my family.We are all going to go to the beach for are hangi and are swim if it is not raining.I hope it don’t rain.When it is Christmas I will wake my mum up by jumping on her bed.I can’t wait for Christmas

My book that I write about

Title:The Princess and the pea.

Author/ illustrated:Mike Gordon,Han christian Andersen.

Main problem:The Prince was looking for the real princess and so he put a pea under twenty beds and so there was a maid how was cleaning and she was tired so she slept on the twenty bed with a pea under them and when she got up she felt the bed lumpy then they found the real princess it was the maid.

Solution:How the Prince solved the problem was he put one little pea under the twenty bed then the maid was cleaning the room then fell asleep.When we woke up she called for help so the prince came and said “What a you doing up there” and she said “I was so tried that i fell asleep on the bed”.Also this bed so lumpy.Then he solved the problem and they got marry ed and found the prince.

Did you like it?
Yes it was a lovely story to read.I would love to sleep on twenty bed.All the beds a nice and colorful.Thanks for reading my story.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Our school camp and what am I looking forward to .

I am looking forward to cooking at camp. I think it will be fun cooking for the kids and helpers to. Also I know it is going to be good food for everyone.

I am nervous about our team concert. We are going to be doing dancing or singing in front of the campers. I might get it wrong and it will be shameful.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mele being Blind fold

In the morning we went to the hall and did a obstacle course but we got blind folded. We had to find a person to help us  with the directions. The person that help me was laita. She gave me bad directions from where to go and what to do.

I went first and I was thinking that was to dangerous so I was worried. We had to go on top of a wood then go over two bean one was little and the other one was big.After that we had to hoop then sig sag around the cones.We look like zombies when we sig sag.Also we had to go under the tapeline then over the two mat. This is the hard part we had to go on top of the stairs then jump off the stage and land on the big blue mat.It felt like I was fall into a cave or a gave.It also felt like I was going to fall on the ground so I sat down then got off the stage. Then we took off the blindfold and gave it to another person.

Ms M and Mr Marks were doing it to.I help Ms M and I think Auri help Mr Marks.It was so fun. The only part Ms M got sacred to jump off.It was the best.Everyone was jumping on the mat and going over the bean and also was sig sagging.We all hope we can do it again.If yous did it you will have fun.

By Mele.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our school pinic

Wow do you know where we were going? Well we were going on a picnic. As soon as we were walking to the beach there were a convoy of chaotic crazy children. When we have  found our  a spot to sit down we had to sit in our class line and Mr Burt will tell us where we could play. Almost everyone was so gleeful because we were aloud to go up to our knees in the water.

When we were aloud to play we all wet our feet and then our feet got mud and clay masterpieces on my them. I know that all of us got it. We got clay on our uniform and it looks funny when we had it on our uniform. Now it is swimming time.

It went from the year 1 and keep going. When most of us went swimming we were playing games and sports. Everyone was scorching so we wanted to swim but We were not aloud. We had to ask Mr Burt.

Guess what I was playing? I was playing force back with my teacher Mr Marks and My friends Grace,Aldora,Hope,Charlee and Ainnliz. It was a mean game. We had to kick the ball and sprint for it. If you catch it of catch it that means you get to take ten steps then kick it.

Everyone were watching karaoke and that was when people were singing. It was cool but not much people sang.I didn't sing because it am so edgy.But my friends were singing. I think everyone was edgy because they didn't sing like we wanted them to sing but only Jonita sang good.
Then we had to pick up all the rubbish  and get in to our team lines.We were going to go back to school and as I said it was happening again they were all being like  a convoy of  chaotic crazy children.I was to thanks for reading.

By Mele