Thursday, July 14, 2011

At Motat

Guess where room 14 went? On Wednesday we went to Motat to lean about inventions. My auntie went with us. First we went in the bus and I sat with Robert.

When we got there we went to the room we were going to eat in. Then we went to the Tactile Dome. It was the best. Suddenly it was my turn.I felt nervous. While we were in the dome I was screaming because I couldn’t find the way out. I was stuck in there.Luckily some one helped me.Finally I got out of the dome but I felt dizzy. 

When we were done we went to the mirror maze. It was the best. I kept on crashing into the mirrors. I ran with my friend to the end of the mirror maze.When we made it to the end we went to the game room.

I went on the earthquake cafe and it was fun. People got in it and then we pressed the green button and away it went like an earthquake. I felt scared and I couldn’t move.So I pressed the red button then it stopped. 

When we were done we went on our inventions trail.We went to look at the old fashioned cars, fire engines, trams and also the motor cycle. Richard Pearce was the first one who made the first airplane. He made it with a bicycle 
and wooden framing. 
After that we went to the Whisper dish and I was talking to Chloe. Then I was talking to Hayley, Martha, Sisilia and Eiflona.

When we left we were late for the bus so we were running. We were so happy we made it.When we got  to school and we got 2 mins to play on our net book and went home.