Thursday, October 27, 2011

Immersion Assembly

From Immersion Assembly Term 4 2011

"I wonder why the teachers are dressed up?" I said to myself. Oh that's right it is the start of term 4.They are dressed up so we can learn about what topic we are studying this term. We found out our topic is called Outta This World.It is all about planets and space.

It went from team 1 to team 5.The best one to me was team 4.What they did was the wiggles singing twinkle twinkle Little Star.They did graceful ballet movements like twirls,leaps,pirouette and pivots. Also They danced with pom poms.The best dance move to me was the twirl because I can twirl too.

There was one funny part in their item that I enjoyed and it was when Mr Marks was dressed like a girl.He had pom poms and was being a ballet dancer all around the stage. I said to myself "Team 4 was the best."

The 2nd best team was team 2.All the teachers in team 2 were doing a space rap.As soon as they walked on the stage they had box on their head.They got the box from our production - the fake book (not face book)item.

I am so happy that we are going to learn about planets.I think it is going to be exciting this term.

From Immersion Assembly Term 4 2011