Friday, June 28, 2013

Goldilocks and the three bear's.

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Goldilocks. She had dark red eyes, from always throwing temper tantrums,  a scowling face and a purple afro. She lived with her Mum in a big castle across the road from a forest. Goldilocks wouldn’t listen to her mum.  But her being weak and timid gave into her and became like slave.

However one day her Mum couldn’t stand her staying at home anymore she mum, “I cant stand you staying at home anymore, I need a break from you. Why don’t you go for a walk in the forest.” She felt rejected so she opened the door and slammed it as she walked out.

As she was walking she saw a cottage and she thought to herself “I am so hungry I’m going to see what I can eat over there”. Three hairy bears lived there and Goldilocks’ Mum knew them. Her Mum wanted to teach Goldilocks a lesson, so she rang them and they made a plan.

Goldilocks could smell the three bears food so she went to the table and ate the bear’s breakfast. As she was eating the food the door slammed and and she thought it was the wind but it wasn’t it was the plan that her mum and the bear’s made.

She was getting a little bit tired so she went up the stairs and went for a sleep. As she was sleeping she dreamed of something bad so when she woke up she called hear someone saying “ What are you doing in my house” Father bear said but she couldn’t see where father bear was. Goldilocks said “ I am sorry please don’t hurt me I will do anything”  So father bear said “ I will not hurt you only if you listen to your mum” “Ok” (She’s running down the stairs).

As she opened the door she saw her mum and she said “ Mum I am sorry I will listen to you from now on” and little red gave her a hug.  Goldilocks Mum and The bears started laughing and little red was wondering why they were laughing but she didn’t ask. Her and her Mum went home and the bears went inside their house remade their breakfast and ate it.

Prospective Students (Jack Making It To Dojo School!)

Reaching the top of the icy mountain Jack was feeling exhausted and his muscle were aching. As he stood up he looked down and saw how far he had been climbing,“I am sure it was not that far for me to climb up this icy mountain” Jack said.

He turned to see if he had made it to the place he was going to and he saw the dojo school so he was excited and ran to the top. As he was getting near dojo school he left anxious/ nervous because he was wondering if he’d would make it, “I hope I make it to this school I don’t want to walk back down this cold icy mountain”.

When he got to the top he took a big breath in then a big breath out ( Knock KnocK Knock door open’s ) Jack belled to the master then the master pointed to his left side then ( bang door closers )

Jack was sad so he stay outside of dojo school all night then the master opened the door and saw Jack sitting on ground meditating but then the master pointed again. Jack got angry so he put on his anger face kicked the master’s door and wanted to fight the master but then the master pointed again and Jack looked at where he was pointing and on the paper it said please new’s the side door thank you. Jack felt embarrassed so he hung his he in shamed.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Oobleck! do you know what Oobleck is? Well let me tell you what it is. Oobleck is a science project that our class has made. It is an enjoyable experiment to play with.

The ingredients were cornflour water and food colouring.  Also the equipment’s were meter cup and a bowl. I first thing you had to do is measure is one cup of corn flour and 1/2 a cup of water. After that you can put anything kind of food colouring you want then mix it all together. When the Oobleck is in the bowl it is hard but when you pick it up it melts in your hands and your hand get sticky.  

Friday, June 21, 2013

What happened Today!

Today is my birthday WooHoo and I am so excited because my Mum bought me a Phone. When I was getting ready for school I was nervous because when people sing happy birthday to me I get shy. When my family woke up they all said happy birthday but my sister Selina gave me a hug and said happy birthday.

As I was walking to school I was getting butterfly's in my stomach so I took a deep breath in and when there was my school. I got to school and all my friends said happy birthday but the first person to say that was Makayla. Everyone came up to me and said happy birthday but one of my friend Annliz forgot my birthday and I didn't mind.

When she remembered my birthday she ran up to me gave me a hug and said happy birthday. When I got into class everyone even my teacher said happy birthday so we had to get ready for Assembly so we sang a song and went to assembly. When we got into assembly I said happy birthday to Isarah because it was his birthday to.

As Mr Jacobson was doing the Duffy certificate my name got called out then Isarah's. My class only knew it was my birthday no one else. After assembly I went to the library to pick me a book. The book I picked was I am going to make it to the world cup. When I got the book I wrote my name and went back to class. When I got to class my class went to the street for art. I can't wait until I get home because I dont know what else I am getting for my birthday for my aunty's and uncles.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Alien's Have Taken Jodie!

Through the door she could see creepy stuff so she opened the door suddenly she saw alien’s. SLAM THE DOOR RUNNING UP THE STAIRS TO HER ROOM “ SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE. As she was hiding she heard the front door open then close getting scared under the bed.

She could see the aliens feet and they looked under the bed and pull her out from under the bed and took her down the stairs with her mouth covered with tape. As she got down the stairs and out through the door her Mum turned up at home and saw Jodie get pulled into the alien ship. Her Mum was screaming ran inside and grabbed the phone also dialed 111.

“Hello how can I help you” My daughter has been taken by some aliens” “There’s no alien’s in this country” “Now there is because they have just taken my daughter Jodie” “OK I will see what I can do about that”.

30 minutes later her Mum was getting worried so she went to her husbands work and told him what happened to Jodie so they quickly ran to the shed because the dad builds rocket ships and they quickly put a space suit on and quickly shotted of in space. As they got into space they saw a lot of alien ships everywhere but they heard a scream.

They saw Jodie getting pulled out of the ship and pulled into the castle so the Mum and Dad got to the castle put an astronaut on and went inside the castle. first they had to pass the alien’s that were guarding the front gate. So they found some alien suits in the back of the rocket so they put it on and they got through the guard’s and saw Jodie tied.

They saw aliens coming so they said to Jodie “We will be back ok” “ok” Jodie said. As the aliens got close they grabbed Jodie down put her in this alien wheelchair and took her inside the hall which was called Tall green aliens in Vegas.

Jodie’s Mum and Dad creeped at the back of them and got inside the Tall green aliens in Vegas hall and saw Jodie tied up on top of a hot boiling soup. Her Mum saw a knife grabbed it and told the dad to get the rocket ready to leave. Jodie’s Mum saw how to get her daughter down so she pull out the plug from the pot and it went all over the alien’s so she grabbed her daughter down and took her to the rocket ship. As she got in they took her home safely and lived happy ever after. But What about the Aliens..................  

Friday, June 7, 2013


Karakia DLO - Tauwhare, Taamai, Doris, Sisilia, Mele from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

ON term one we had to do a D.L.O for Mrs Tito and who ever's ones the best mean they get the
tonga neckless. So we all got into teams and started to do our D.L.O but if we don't finish it until the end of the term we get a big fat 0 on our reports.

When we got into teams we talked about what we were going to do in our D.L.O so we grabbed a pencil and book and drew everything we were going to do. So we started drawing on computer and put it into a movie. We record our self saying the Karakia and then we put it with the movie exported it then showed Mrs Tito.  This is what our movie look's like hope you enjoy.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

RiverSide Club!

Yesterday after school I went riverside club and if you don’t know what river said is then keep on reading. Riverside club is where you go and play games and learn about jesus and God and my principal Mr Burt runs the Riverside club.

When school was finished I put my bag on the stage and I had to wait until they got the stage ready. So as I was waiting I played cards and I lost all of my cards so then I just watched people play and then all I heard is “Riverside’s starting so I quickly ran in the hall and sat down.

When everyone was sitting down then Raenan waata Vivienne and Rita had to put us into teams. So it went Blue Green Yellow Red so I went to yellow and my team captains were Tauwhare and huelo-ata.

When we were all sorted into team we played some games with the mats. We need three people so one hopped on and the other two pull that person all the way to the back hall in then back again. THe people that win get points for their team.

After that we had Afternoon tea then played more games. After all the games we did we had a story about jesus and God then we had to see who won. But first we Handed our bands in then we prayed after that Mr Burt told us who won and The blues team won. I grabbed my bag and went home.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Netball Game Last Night!

Last night my netball team and I had a netball game and we had a game against St johns. So we got changed at school and we did some drills to get warmed up for the game. As we were warming up we did in and outs and a game of windows. When we were warmed up we all went in our coach's car and we went to the netball courts.

As we got near the netball courts we could see a lot of people surrounding the netball courts that their child plays at. When we got out of the car we put our bags under the shade so it doesn’t get wet and we quickly ran to our courts because we were about to start our games.

First we ran around two courts two times then ran up and down the courts. As we were running up and down the courts we went to go and put our bibs and I was G.S. We had four quarters of a game so we all had to go on the courts and get ready to start the game.

The game started and we had the ball first so as the referee blew the whistle I got ready to catch the ball and shoot it into the hoop.As we were playing we keeped on stepping with the ball so we had to give the ball to the other team.

The whistle blew and we had to go off and come back on for our 2nd round. On the first game the score was 4 to us and 5 to them so we stayed on our same position. We hopped back on the courts and played the next quarter of our game. The other team changed so I had to get free from my new partner.  

We started to play and we had to defend our partners so we had to stand 3 feet away from our partners. They got a score so we started with the ball and we had to get free from our partners so it could get down to the other side of the courts.  When we got it down the courts I quickly passed the ball to G.A which was Hope and she got it into the hoop.

We were on our 2nd to last quarter so we all change bibs and went on the game and went on the courts and had to try and keep the ball to our netball team. We all had hard players so we try to run away from them and as I got the ball I took a step in and got the ball into the hoop.

On this round the score was 21 all so we were on to our last game. I stayed as G.S and Porscha was G.A so we worked together and try to get the ball into the hoop. St John’s got a score so they had 13 and we had 12. So we were going hard and on the last minute we got 3 more points so the score was 16 13 and we won.