Friday, September 21, 2012

What I did with my friends.

Yesterday after school , Anthony, Logan and Sione came and picked me up to  go and play.But first we went to go and pick up Annliz so she can play because I was the only girl.So as we were walking to her house we saw more of our friends so they came with us to pick up Annliz.

When we got to Annliz house her Mum answered the door.I go to her Mum “Is Annliz home” then Annliz came to the door.It just looked like she just woke up and she did.We asked her if she wanted to come with us back to my house and she said yes.

So we all walked to my house and when we got there all of us jumped on my tramp.As we were jumping my littke brother throwed Siones shoes up our roof and it was funny.We all started laughing because it was funny as.After that they all needed to go home and Sione was going to go in bare feet.But I asked logan to get the shoes because I was scared to climb up.

When he go up he got the shoes down and there were also tennis balls up there to.Logan threw them down.There were like three balls and he threw them all down.One ball was wet and Logan tried to throw it at one of us but he missed.When he got everything down he came down and we played handball.

When we were playing handball I never got out.I was king and then when Annliz whacked the ball to meeh I missed it so I had to go and line up until someone else lost.It was funny because very time Annliz whackes it to someone that person lost.She got up to king and she started making rules up like “you have to hit the ball and say are colour and if you dont your out”.It was hard for me but I tired.

After that round everyone went home.I just dropped them off you the corner and turn back to go home.We all walked in our group to my house and we all walk back to our own house.When I got home I was tired so I went to sleep.

My Papa funeral.

Last saturday my papa passed away.I felt sad and i couldn't stop crying.My mum tryed to make him alive but she knew that he had been gone because of the smell.When her dad passed away it smelt the same.As soon as the ambilance came my mum got into the car and went to go and pick up my aunty.My Mum was going to fast but she didn’t mind.

On saturday the day before yesterday we had his funeral but first we had are several in GI.After that we went to the cemetery in Magarey So we he could get buried.He got buried on top of my uncle chris who has passed away.Which is my papa son so my papa and uncle which is my papa son will be with each other forever.When we got to the grave we sang songs then we had are pray.After that we watched our papa go down.

When he went down I was crying hard out and I threw my flower down with him.Everyone had flower to throw in so papa can take them with him.I felt sad and I couldn’t stop crying.So when they were putting the mud on top I went to go and see my geart geart geart Aunty Mele’s grave and my uncle Chirs to.

First I went to my great great aunt Mele’s grave.When I got there I was talking to her.i was also was praying for her.After that we went to where my papa lives and had a feed.Then when we were done everyone went home.

My Dream Holiday

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Paralympics Story

What we did on Monday was we were trying to be like the paralympics that have missing limbs and other parts of their body.

What we did on Monday was we were were trying to be like the paralympics that have missing limbs and other parts of their body.So we were doing the same but we use these things called bibs to make us look like we are missing parts.So we Got are bib and tied it around our hips.Also we put one hand in to so we were missing are hand.            
                                                        (Paragrah 1)

We were doing it so we know how it feels.As we tied it around are hips with one hand in it we had to run to the line and back.It restricts our speed and made us slow down like we were  on are sunday drive.When we got back we took it off and we try it without the bib.When we tryed it without the bib I felt like I am in are police car driveing fast to get someone.Also people were running like they were on fire.
                                                          (paragraph 2)

Our teacher Mr Marks said that the parts that are going to be missing it Our legs,and our arms,So we had to try and throw are softball will one foot up and we had to do it with one hand missing.It was Diffcult and awkward to do.Also it was so challenging and hilarious.That was the use of our limbs.Also our teacher Mr Marks said “It was hilarious watching us do it”.
                                                                     (paragraph 3)

Why we did paralympics was because so we know that the people that have been paralyzed know how it feels and so we know too.I thought it would be hard if we were paralyzed but it wasn’t that hard sorta.I felt Weird and it looked awkward and everyone was like “Do we have to do it?”.Our teacher said “yes yous do”.So we thought we would hurt our self but we didn’t even hurt yourself.But I fell when we had to throw a softball on one foot only.
                                                                     (paragraph 4)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mele Five A-Side Football

Well at the paralympics there is this sports called Five A-side football. It is just like soccer but the players are blindfolded. Some people are blind and some are a bit blind. The goal keeper has normal vision.There was an excited audience and the blind people have speedy moves. I think that there is a noise device in the ball because they have great ball control. Some players were tumbling over because some players have incredible skill and agility to trick others. They are really good at being visually imparred to play soccer.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Story

At the paralympics They have this thing called Tandem Cycling.The bike that they use is also called Tandem Bike where there is two people on one bike.The person that is in the front is called the pilot and the person at the back was visually impaired.

As they were going fast they had burning wheels and they were racing on a velodrome that goes around in circles.On the bike they had dished wheels.When they were riding the bike there legs were pumping and they had synchronised movements.