Friday, December 13, 2013

Prize Giving !

Prize giving Item 2013:

As I walked into the school at 7:00pm for prize giving my mum said to me “ Mele try your hardest and go hard out”. “Ok” As I replied . I was performing in the maori kapa haka which was first so I had to go to the music room. When the kapa haka group was in the music room we had a warm up and sang about 3 or 4 songs just for warm and then we had to go on stage. As we walked on stage i got stage scared because there were a lot of parents watching.

Isara played the guitar and patrick started the haka , As we were performing I was looking at the crowed to try and find my family then my eye caught my mum. As we ended our performance we went back to the music room put our shoes on and went to the hall to wait until our year group got called to perform. I was sitting right behind my family and they were proud of me. As I was sitting down we waited for a bit then Mr Burt said that it was time for the year 7 performance.

As the year 7’s stood up we walked towards the stage and stood in our places , I was on the floor next to Uili. As the song played I smiled to my family and started to do the dance moves that we learnt this whole week. The song that we were dancing to was fresh prince of bel air and everyone liked the song. We had acting in our performance and we also had big picture going from one end of the hall to the other.

When we finished our performance we sat down and Mr Burt gave out awards to the people who have learned them this year. After Mr Burt gave our the certificate Mr Burt said “ It is time for the band to play a song”. So The band group came out and Mr Burt went to the back stage to grab more certificate for the prefect and house captain next year.

When a band finish their Item Mr Burt called out the house captain then the prefect. As he was calling out the perfects my name got called out and my family was happy. As I walked up on the stage my mum, Aunty and cousin came up and put lollie lase on me and I was proud that I was a perfect. when everyone clapped I went back down to sit where i was sitting before and my mum gave me a hug.

After that it was time for the year 8 Item so the year 8’s walked up and stood in their places. First one stage were the girls they performed their bit and then my boys came on. The boys did their item then all the year 8’s came on the stage and sang a song. Crusader and Dillon played my guitar and the rest sang stand by me. As they got to the chorus Rita and Jaylee did a rap then Gabriel , Darius and James said thank you to all the teachers and that they were going to miss the teachers.

When they were done they all sat down while Mr Tele’a spoke to everyone and said “Thank you all the parent that have made it here tonight”. After he was done saying all he needed to say he prayed for us then handed it back to Mr Burt. Mr Burt told us to turn around and face the parent when we sang our school song which was called Strive to succeed. As we were finishing the song we had to go higher and higher but I couldn’t because I was too busy laughing at my mum. As we finished the song we all could go home so I went to my family and we all took pictures then went home.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Micheal Jackson Movie

This is our movie that we worked on over the past week. During the progress it looked funny but when we started to edit it came together here is our movie.

The song choice is Hold My Hand Akon Ft Micheal Jackson This is our movie enjoy!

Action World !

              A: Awesome
         T: Terrific 
        I: Interesting
     O: Orientations
  N: Nice 
      O: Occupied
        R:  Relevant
           D: Dry
Last week Friday we went to a place called action world. When we got to actions world we got put into 4 groups and had a little bit to eat. As we all were put into groups we went to different events but it was like we were doing orientation. My favorite part at action world was a trapeze because every time I got to the top I was always scared but then was happy that we went action world. But when we had to leave I though to myself I am going to ask my mum if she could bring me back.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Who say's !

Who Says from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

On Tuesday we had Creativity with Mrs Tito but she neede to finish the year 8s art so we changed with the year 8 and went to Mrs King. When we went to room 20 we all had to sit on the mat because we didn’t know what we were doing today. Mrs King said “ Today we are going to make a lips syncing video but it is going to be girls versus boys and who ever wins get hot chips”. So she picked a song for the boys and a song for the girls, So the song for the girls were Who says and the boys song was dapper man.

When we all knew what song we had to do we all had to look at the lyrics and learn the part that we will be doing on the movie. When we got the lyrics I went into the street to listen to the song while the other girls did their part outside. When it was my part I went outside but I was too shy to do it in front of the girls so I asked them to go inside until I was done.

When I did my part my all of us had to stand in a line and dance because we didn't know what to do for the chorus bit. As we were dancing they forgot to come and get me because I was inside writing story. When we were done three people edited the movie and put it on vimeo. When the boys were done they edited it and put it on vimeo. When the boys and the girls were done Mrs King watched both movies and everyone had to vote. Unfortunately the boys won but I was proud of myself because I did my best.