Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My brothers birthday

Guess what I did on Saturday the 21st? We had my little brother’s 5th birthday.

Now that he is five, he is coming to my school and I am going to look after him. Some of his friends came to his birthday.We had a Cars bouncy castle. When we got the bouncy castle, my brother, my sister and I went on it because we got it before everyone got here. So we went on first.

When everyone was here we got to play games like musical chairs, sack races, leg to leg race, egg games, a food fight and then we all had prizes to win. I came third in musical chairs , first in the sack race, second in leg to leg race, I started the food fight and second in the egg games. It was so much fun we all were covered with cream and chilli.

After that we all ate BBQ ,chips,salad ,egg salad and shapes.So it was so yum i didn’t eat we all sang happy birthday to my brother then we prayed and then we got to but I was not hungry so I was plying with my cousin on the bouncy castles.But everyong else ate and when they were done I ate.It was the best food in my life.

Then after that we ate cake and ice cream.I was first because I was there first.Everyone was on the bouncy castle.I don’t really like the bouncy castle.The ice cream flavour was lime and chocolate.The cake was filled of chocolate and cream white cream.

When It was all finished We all played pin the tail.It was my game.The closes was my big cousin and his name was junior.I came 4th but I tired to come 1st but I didn’t.When it was all done the people came to pick up the bouncy castles.

Everyone went home when we were done.And after that I went to bed.Thanks for reading my story.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Te best holiday

In the holidays I am looking forward to my brothers birthday. Also there are going to be a lot of people from my little brothers school. His name is Leone. He is turning 5 and he is coming to my school.