Friday, May 31, 2013

All About lollies!

I think children should be eating lollies. Lollies can taste good for your tastes buds but it can also be bad for your teeth. Lollies could have too much sugar and it can also make people hyper. If you eat hard lollies your teeth could get sore and you would have to go to the dentist and get your teeth pulled out.

When people eat too much sweet lollies they could get addicted and turn into an obese person. If you eat too much lollies you could get diabetes and get sick too. You could get stomach aches  and it would really hurt and you wouldn’t be able to do anything.

If you bite hard lollies your teeth will hurt badly and it can cause damage to your teeth. Lollies can be bad for your skin because you can start getting rough skin and pimples all over your face. Also if you get pimples they could go bigger and people would laugh at you.

Some lollies are cheap in shops and they could cost between $1 or $2.00 but in other countries their lollies cost more. That is how people’s teeth get sore and fall out because the lollies are too cheap.

Most lollies have too much sugar and can make children hyper. When people are hyper they can’t get to sleep and their parents get angry at them so they try to put them to sleep but they can’t. Also lollies can keep your children quiet while you are cleaning your house.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

All About Obesity People!

Obesity has been a problem in the U.S. Americans are getting affected by food addictions, especially junk food, takeaways and fizzy drinks. This is also a problem in NZ.

Some peoples lifestyles are based on just food and all they do is eat and never stop eating junk. Some people have extreme food addiction and if they overeat they will become obese. It causes extreme health problems. Children as young as 11 years old have died from obesity. People have been dying young from being obese and having health problems.

In America They have to make extra large coffin’s for people who are obese. Overeating has caused major health problems, like shortness of breath, knee pains, heart attacks and it could also lead to death.  

It’s true that people die from obesity because they constantly eat the most unhealthiest food that you could ever imagine. It’s a condition for most obese people.

Obesity means being really overweight and if you eat too much food you have a sedentary lifestyle and die faster.

Friday, May 17, 2013

What is really in our food?

A Lot of Eggs a hatched by hens who never leave their cage, They are called caged Hens!

New Zealanders eat 920,000,00 eggs per year and they are mostly from caged eggs. Most New Zealanders like their eggs poached and most don’t like their eggs fried.

Hens are kept in cages which are on an angle so the eggs can roll down the conveyor belts.There are 6 hens per cage in the shed. The hens are squashed because there is not enough space to move around.

Organic eggs a mostly more famous than Cage eggs. Free range chicken laid their eggs at night and come out in sunrise so they can have their dust bathing, flap their wings and run around. Free range eggs a more expensive the the cage eggs because the land is more expensive for them to be on.

Chickens don’t have that much space in the shed to run around.  Hens which live in a shed come out in the day and exercise unlike the caged hens.

Eggs are high in protein and easily to digest. Protein is mostly in the yolk which is highly needed for our bodies health. Eggs yolk colour is dark in New Zealand also colouring agents are added to the chicken food. The colour of the eggs depends on the colour of the hens. Unrefrigerated eggs last at least 21 days.

Friday, May 10, 2013

My sandwich's!

1st sandwich:
bun bread, Mayo, Chicken, Tomato, Lettuce, Tomatoe sauce, Cucumber

2nd sandwich:
White bread, Chips, Cheese mite and butter?
Cruskit, Grated Cheese, tomato, Mayo

3rd sandwich:
Home made bread, luncheon, Pickle, Cheese, butter tomato sauce

The Nutritional information!

Samoa’s favourite chips (banana)
per 50g

Food:Tiny teddy’s
per 50g?
Per 100g?
Per serving?
468 kj
Total Fat
Total fat
84 mg

1) What can you say about the first package you looked at?
The first package is not healthy
2) What can you say about the second package you looked at?
The tiny teddies a worser then the Samoan favourite banana because it has too much sugar!

3) Which food has better nutritional value than the other? Why?
Tiny Teddies. Because it has 7.4 and the chips had 1.75g


I was wondering why the pounamu group had to perform then Mr burt told us that WILL.I.AM from the black eyed peas were coming to our school. I was amazed because I have never seen a celebrity before in my life. When I got changed into my pounamu clothes we all had to go to the music room and wait until Mr burt was finish talking. I had stage fright because I was the first one to walk on the stage.

As we were walking the stage Vivienne did a tongan pray then Patrick did this little haka then we did our haka. There were tv cameras in our hall so I got butterflies and as we were doing our haka I saw WILL.I.AM. After the boys haka  we went off stage and then the hiphop senior group performed for WILL.I.AM.

As the hip hop group was performing they caked it the first time then they started again and got into it. The song they danced to was called can’t hold us by Macklemore. They preformed for WILL.I.AM so he could see how good our hiphop senior group is.

After their performance WILL.I.AM told us about his life. When he was young he california Los Angeles and their town was called east los angeles. He brought up a big check saying $100,000,00 is a donations to the Manaiakalani schools also he said he was starting a foundation called I Am Angel sponsored by the Hallenstein Brothers and was about educating kids and making their dreams come true.

After Assembly all the TV cameras crowed WILL.I.AM and asked him alot of question. After they finish asking him question he came to room 21 which was my class. Our teacher knew he would come into our class so before he came in we got all the cameras out and put them into place. Mr Burt WILL.I.AM and a TV camera came into our class .

He asked if we have any questions for him and Makarita ask him “ Why did you come to our school”? “ It’s because of our guys learning that has being posted to the internet. After know one had any questions WILL.I.AM said “what a you guys doing today”? And Mrs Lagitupu said “ My class is writing about you. The camera girl eye caught Makayla’s story and asked if she could read it out so she did and WILL.I.AM liked it. So he left our class and we were happy that he came to our class

New born Baby sister!

In the holidays my mum had a newborn baby on April the 22nd. So now I have a baby sister and her name is Tatiana. I went to go and see my Mum on the day she had my little baby sister. My brother Jacob and my cousin Shaniah and I went to the Auckland Hospital with my Dad. I was too excited to see her.

My Mum was in level 15, Room 6. When we got to her room she was sleeping. I walked around and saw my little cute sister. My Mum woke up and I was happy to see her because she went into hospital on the 19th of April. I was the first one to hold my little baby sister and as I was holding her I was scared because I thought I would of dropped her. But I didn't.

My brother held Tatiana while I went with my Mum outside. We were sitting outside and then I saw a waterfall so I went to go and play with the water. It was so cold outside so the water was cold too. “Mum when are you coming back home”? I said. “I might be coming home tomorrow or Wednesday but I want to come home tomorrow” replied Mum.

When my Mum finish having fresh air we went back and my cousin Shaniah wanted to hold Tatiana. My cousin was holding she asked me to take a photo of her from her phone so as I was reaching for the phone I took a photo but Tatiana’s eye’s were closed. I wanted to take a photo with Tatiana  so I ask my cousin if I could hold her also as I was holding her I woke her up by accident. She was opening her eye’s I saw what colour they were but then her eye colour keeps changing colours.