Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting a Christmas Tree.

Hook:Guess what?Do you know how it is getting near christmas,Well people’s mum and dad a getting christmas tree’s.

In the weekend Sarona’s mum said “It is getting near christmas so should we go and buy a christmas tree?Sarona said YES please please mum?Mum said “Yes but first you have to clean your room first OK”.So they cleaned their room and hopped in the car.When they hopped in the car

When we got to the place where we were going to buy the christmas tree we had to look for the best one.We found the best christmas tree we could look for so we went to go and pay for it.The christmas tree couldn’t fit in the car so they had to call their dad to come and bring his pick up car.After they were waiting their dad showed up with his pick up car.They had no rope in the car so they brought from the same place they brought the christmas tree.They had the rope so they tied the christmas tree to the pick up car and went.

As they were driving the rope was getting loose and the christmas tree was about to fall.The christmas tree fell off the pick up car and the mum beeped the horn to tell the dad that the christmas tree has fallen off the back of the pick up car.So the dad stopped.They all hopped out of the car and saw that the rope has being snapped so they had no rope to use.

They saw a man and he was holding a rope so they said to the man “Hello umm.. a you using that rope in your hand?”The man said “No would you like to use it so you can tie your christmas tree to your pickup car?”The dad said yes please only if you don’t need it”. “I don’t need this rope and while you a tieing the christmas tree to the car can I please sit in your car because I am really cold”? “Yeah sure”.So he jumped in in the car and waited for the christmas tree to get tied to the pick up car.

When it is done the man in the car put in his belt on and took off in the car.They had the mums car so they got in the car and tried to caught up to the man who took the dad’s car.But they couldn’t so they stopped picked up the phone in called the police.They explained to the police what had happened so they got into their car and chased after the car.They found the car and said to the man “Why did you take their car for”? The man had nothing to say so he took him to jail.The people who owned the car was happy to have their car back so they went home and put their tree up.Also put all their present’s under the tree and waited because it was christmas the next day.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Netbook Reflection 2013

I like learning on a netbook because our school work is on the internet and we don’t need to write on paper.But what frustrates me is when you write something your keyboard plays up.Also What Frustrates me is when we go on our netbook and we have to do our work and instead of doing our work we go on other stuff we an’t allowed to go on.

What did it feel before I had a netbook was when we write on paper and our hand hurt.Now I have are netbook and when we write my hand doesn’t hurt.But I think paper is better because on paper you can learning from your mistakes.But on your netbook if you write something wrong it tells you the right word.

I think what would make our netbook better is we could That we could edit our movies on our netbook.Also if we had are good microphone so we could record our self.But I think that we should have better keyboards and mouse

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The best camp in Y6

On Tuesday the people who were going camp had to be at school before 7:00 and I was the one that was going to camp.When everyone got to school and all entered the hall Mr Burt prayed for us to have a good time and when he wa done with his pray we all said “Amen”.Then we all had to take all our luggage to the bus and make sure everything was in the bus.After everything was in the bus we all said our goodbyes to our Mum’s and Dad and left on the bus.

When we were on the bus I was falling asleep and I did go to sleep.I fell asleep on one of my leaders and that was Cara.We both went to sleep and we went to sleep because we had to get up between 6:00 and 6:45.When I got up everyone in the bus said “Ms Va’afusuaga was videoing you and Cara” and I was laughing and said why did Ms Va’afusuaga video me for? But I didn't want to know the answer.

My favorite part at camp was volley ball because each time we won  we all would start to laugh out loud. But each time the other team got a goal then we would laugh harder than we did. So that would have to be my favorite part of camp.

The Worstest part was Orientering because I am bad with a compass because who knows where the letters could be. So as we were looking I was just standing while everyone else was looking but then I did end up helping but I actually didn’t want to do the active. When we were doing it was raining and we keep on slipping.

Just wish if you could go back there because it was fun but I wish my friend Charlee could of came to camp it would've been a whole heap better and fun. Sometimes I wish that I could live there. It wasn’t as fun without my friends Charlee and Sislia because who knows how much more fun it would of been with them there.