Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby!

Room 21 went out on the field to play touch rugby. Touch rugby is a session that our class does every wednesday. There is this man Kevin who comes into our school and teaches us touch rugby.

Suddenly Kevin the coach put room 21 into four group’s. When we got into our four group’s we played a game of touch rugby. But first we had rules and the rules were different because we were allowed to pass the ball forward.

We put the bands around us so we know who is in our team. There was a Blue, Red and yellow bands team. There were no more colour bands so their was a non bands team, I was in the non bands team.When we got told the rules and put on our bands we started play touch rugby only two teams get to go on the field.

It was My team vs the Yellow bands team.So the non teams and yellow team went on the field and started playing.Yellow and blue keeped getting a try but the game was going to end so we waited for one team to get a try. Finally the yellow team got a try and won the game.The score was 4 to the yellow and 2 to the non bands.

It was changeover so the Blue and Red team to go on the field and play each other.they got the same score as the yellow and the non bands but the Red team won. So the Red and Yellow team vs to see who was the best at touch rugby. So they both went on the field and vsed each other. The score was 5 5 so it was a tie that means the the yellow and Red team a the best teams out of our class.

We were done for the day so we all put all the gear away and sat down to listen to what our teacher was going to say. We all said “we will see you next Thursday and thank you”.I can’t wait until next Thursday because we will be learning more skill from Kevin.

Monday, February 25, 2013

What Room 21 Thinks of Me

Mele is cool
Mele is funny  
And she is fun to hang out with

She is tough
She loves to talk
And she is strong at rugby

She is smart
She is Classic
She is modern and like’s boys

She is playful
She is the best
And she talks too much

Friday, February 22, 2013

Best Assembly!!

This assembly was the same as the usual assemblies we have.But as you know fia fia has already started. After Mrs Va’afusuaga told us about the sports and what is coming up. When Mrs Va’afusuaga was done we went.There were a couple of changes at this Asemmbly
Everything was the same but some other parts were added into it.

There was bollywood dance after Mrs Va’afusuaga was done.Mrs Muliaumaseali'i, Mrs Lal, Mrs George and Mrs Nua did the bollywood dance too.Also Dhara and Jouan did it to. It was cool and Funny it made us laugh.When they all done there dance there was this choir.

The choir came up and Uili,Hosanna and Henry were the lead singers.They sang I believe and it was the best choir group I have ever heard.I loved the singing.I wished I could be in the choir one day but I am too shy.I can't wait for fia fia to come up!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fia Fia Assembly

Sitting on the chairs suddenly Mrs Muliaumaseali'i appeared from at the back of the stage and told us something is going to blow us off our chairs. There was going to be singing dancing and culture performance.Also there is going to be drumming.

Uili,Henry and Hosanna sang I believe by Yolanda Adams. But first Mrs Mrs Muliaumaseali'i told the person that is drumming to give her a beat and the drummers name is he gave Mrs Muliaumaseali'i a beat and she did some action so we could copy her.

So she did the action and then Uili,Henry and Hosanna appeared in front of the whole school.
And sang their hit song I believe By Yolanda Adams. Everyone in the school likes that song because they have made it the BOMB!

Everyone clapped for them and then Kingston came out with a conch shell and blew it. Then Gabriel came from the back of the stage in kapa haka clothes and did some Maori moves. He came up to the front of the stage. Rita came from at the back of the stage like Gabriel but she was dressed in Samoan cloak. She had a knife which was a samoan knife and did her samoan dance with the knife.
As Rita and Gabriel were doing their dance Mrs Muliaumaseali'i and Mrs Nua came on the stage and showed us the samoan mat  then they put the samoan mat down. When they put it down there was a dragon that was going around and around.

When the dragon left the stage Howard and Carlos cam on the stage and did their dance it was kind of like a hip hop dance. As they were dancing ballet people came on the stage and did their ballet and to girls did the splits and got back up. They stayed on the stage.

There was music playing and this boy and his name is Isarah. He came from at the back of the stage like everyone else but he was on a 1 cycle bike so ride it to the other side and back to the back of the stage. Mrs Muliaumaseali'i said “there is one more thing that is going to happened”. So we waited for it to happened.

Dhara and Saadiya came on the stage and had indian clothes on I don’t know what they are called. When they were on the stage this song played and they danced to it. It was a cool dance I liked it because it was an bollywood dance. When they done their dance Mrs Muliaumaseali'i told us that fia fia is coming up that is why they did those performance.

I couldn’t wait for fia fia I was happy that it was coming up. Everyone was happy about fia fia because fia fia is this thing where cultural groups do their cultural dance. I am so glad that their is a samoan group because I am going to be in the samoan group I hope.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If I was Rich and Famous

If I was rich I would buy my Mum a House and a car. Also I would give my Mum some money. Even give some money to the families that a sick in the hospital. I would give my Siblings some money to. Actually I would give some money to the poorless and help the animals that have been hurt. I would want and house with a pool in the back yard. Also I would to to hollywood. If I had a limo I would take my friends out.

If I was Famous I would love to be a famous guitar player and singer. So I can go around the world and sing for people. Also I would want to go to the hospital and sing for the children who a in hospital. I would want to make my own album so everyone could listen to me. I would even sing to the people who have cancer.

If I was rich I would buy me a limo so I can take my friends out. Also I would buy a motorbike incast the limo breaks down. I would also love a Ipad and a touch phone because I like touching the screen of the phone and playing temple run. Also I would want a BMX bike so I can go to the BMX track and ride my bike.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All About Me

Cool, Playful, Helpful, Tall
Sibling of Selina, Jacob, Leone, Leylani
Lover of Rugby
Who fears Spiders
Who needs Family
Who gives hug's to your mum
Who would like to see a shark in real life
Resident of Glen Innes
Swagger Jagger

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

All about me

Hello my name is Mele and I am a year 7.I am in room 21 and my teachers name is Mrs Lagitupu.I am looking forward to improving my goals.