Friday, June 27, 2014


AFL  Stands For  Aussie Football League

As I was walking into class all I see is my class coming out side to line up. “ Where are we going?” I ask my friends with a puzzled look.
“We're going to AFL,” they reply.
“Whats that?” .
“Aussie Football League”.
“Yus no work in the morning block for me” I say in my head.

Entering the hall half of my class are running as fast as tigers to pick up the football balls and put them to the side of the wall. “ Calm down guys we're all going to get the ball when we practise how to do passes,” I say LOUDLY and CLEARLY.
“Hello my name is Tim and I’m going to show you some skills on what we do in AFL”.Tim was our coach who was going to take us one day each week for about 6 weeks.

AFL class is really fun it is a good strategy game and interesting. It’s fun because you have to jump and catch. Tim is a really reliable and helpful teacher. He is fun and his warm up games are really energetic. For this term AFL is my highlight of the term.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Dodge-Ball Fridays.

Every Friday team 5 classes have dodge ball challenge’s versing different classes and our team. Last Friday my class versed class 3 and they were pretty hard. They had good players and I didn't really want to serve them.

Walking into the hall seeing class 3 waiting to verse us I was nervous because I might get hit in the head with a ball hahaha. “ Ready and Play ” Said Mrs Tito and we ran to pick the ball up and throw it. I didn't run for the ball but as people were throwing them I picked one up and threw it at a player and got someone out.

Our us were down to 5 players and the other class had about 10 “ Come On class 4 we can do it just work as a team” As class 4 cheered.  As I was walking up to the ball all I could see was a ball fighting to me so I caught and one of our team-mates came back into the game. After a while I got out and our class lost but it was a pretty tough game.

We did our cheers and lined up to shake the other team mates hands then we had friendly games against each other. This was my first time ever versing a class at dodge ball and I was proud of myself . We won our friendly game because we worked as a team and now i think we need more practice before on next game on Friday next week.

Next week I think we all need to work as a team and not let one person throw the ball by them self. I couldn't wait until next week because I know that I am going to try my best and never give up no matter what happens and also no cheating. Wish Me luck and This story will be continued....

Monday, June 9, 2014

Week5 Article

England Flag.

The England flag represents the St George Cross. The England flag is the most populated country in the United kingdom. The red cross is an emblem of an England that can also be traced to the middle ages.They were also bordered by the Wales to the west Scotland to north.

Population of England was in 2014 like around 53 million. The Caption city in England is London. There longest river is in the United Kingdom the river Severn. The name of the longest river is called Winder mere.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Article Week 5.

Gangnam Style is the most famous song that South Korean musician Psy has made. It also got released on July 15 2012. Did you know that his real name is Parke Jae-Sang. His song Gangnam Style is one of the big worlds hits. By the end of 2012 his song Gangnam Style that the top of the music chart of more than 30 countries including Canada and other sorts.

Well I think that Gangnam Style is a really good song for people to dance to. Why I think that is  because it has good beats and it a song that people can just put moves into. If you haven't heard this song then I think it time for you to listen to it .

Two Ways To Start a Hook.

Two way that I have started my hook.
Walking out the door all i felt was the wind buffeting my body and I started shaking. While my lips turned purple with goosebumps popping up upon my body I couldn’t feel my feet. My jacket started flapping so I zipped my jacket up and my hand’s turned numb.

One step out the door goosebumps popped up on my arms “ Mele please get a jumper on it freezing outside” Ok Mum” I said. As I grabbed my jumper I put it on and started walking to school. My teeth shivered and I couldn’t fell my hands at all .