Thursday, August 23, 2012

Run run ass fast as you can

Guess what happened on friday?We had cross country And It was going to  be the best.Well to me it will be the best but I don't know about the rest so I hope you enjoy.

Well first we had to see who the house captain colours are for blue(Tainui),red(Te arawa),green(Matatua) and yellow(Takitimu).I was in blue(Tainui) and my sister was the captain for blue(tainui).

First we had to walk down to the reserve and get ready to race our age years.I am going to race the 11 year olds girls.First was 9 year old girls and boys and it keeped to going up to when it was the 11 year old girls and boys.So we had to line up in a line going sidewards.Mr Burt gose on your mark get set  slaps are slaper and says go.

So we started to run the track that we were running. It had puddles and we had to run through them.During the race we had to run from the reserve back to school but we went through this path that people walk through.While I was running it was are smelly muddy creek.Also it was dangerous because people were skidding through the mud and were falling.Someone was running and they almost fell into the water.

The weather was windy and cold but when we were running the sun was coming out.And everyone was getting lazy and tired.It was hot and windy and it was a nice breeze.

Well when we were running one of the kids shoes got stuck in the mud and they just kept on running and everyone started laughing.It was funny and the shoe was just sitting there.

I felt happy for cross country because I love running and it is a little bit long but I could still do it.I would be proud of myself with whatever I come when I was running through the finish line

At the finish line I never knew I came third  and I am happy for myself. This is the first time that I have never came third. My mum is going to be proud of me.

I am very proud of myself. The best part to me was when I came third and running through the greek. I don’t really like mud but I have to get used to it.Also I am happy that I have came third because I have never ever came third before.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Sausage story

I am going to tell you what happened on Tuesday. Well we had a sausages sizzle. They cost $1.00 from my teacher Mr Marks.

First we had to cut the onions and make them turn into half cut rings. When we were cutting the onions it started to make us cry and people thought we were crying for a reason. I had watering eyes and then I wiped my eyes with my hands. My eyes got even more sore  because I forgot to wash my hands after cutting the onions.

My teacher Mr Marks was grilling the sausages and we could smell it from inside the classroom. He said to us “stay away from the grill because you might get burnt” and that is true. There were 32 people at school and Mr Marks was making a lot because he got 50 sausages in a bag.

We had to cook the onions as well on the grill because we don't eat raw onions.  When the onions were cooking people were putting the leftover raw onions in front of their eyes so they can cry and that was me.  The onions took long to cook so the bell rang and Mr Marks said “GO to play and they will be ready when you  come back from ICT and music.”

When we got back from ICT and music everything was all cooked. Mr Marks said to me “You can give the bread to the class  and they can come to me and I will give them onions and a sausage”. So he told the class what to do when they get up. Aldora and Meleane gave out some bbq and tomato sauce.

When everyone got their sausage they had to go outside. There  were  six or seven sausages left and we gave some to the teachers. Hope and I took one to the office and Grace took one to the kitchen. When everyone was done eating we went to lunch and enjoyed the rest of the day.

The best part for me was when we cut the onions and broke them into pieces. Also when I was handing out the bread to people and when I took some to the teachers. I loved my sausage it was tasty.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My monster

Hi my name is Mele and this is my monster.It is are girl and her name is oblina

Cross country training

At cross country we had to line up in our class lines and Mr Marks will say “ Year 5 boy year 6 girls year 6 boy and year 5 girls” but one bye one. So we had to wait for our year to get called and that was year 6 girls.  But we had to wait for the other classes to come so the classes that were coming were room 17,16,14 and 13 I am in room 15. Sometimes we come last and by the way we have to line up at that the courts.

Everyone was here so Mr Marks went “ Year 6 boy can go then year 6 girls can go then year 5 boys can go then the last was year 5 girls”. When all of us left to do our running. I was jogging so we had to go pass room 13,12,11,10,9 and 8.

But the thing I was getting annoying on was we had to run around 2 times. I was sweating and I got tired. I was slowing down and tried to not stop but I had to stop. So we had to pass Miss Ouano then Miss Graden then Miss king then Mr Someville.

So we ran out the Breeze and Miss Ouano was there then We had to turn left ,that heads towards the pt england beach and went passed  Miss king who was standing by the field then we had to keep on going. We were getting near the beach but we didn’t go all the way down Mr somerville was standing where the car park was. then we had to go around him and he would tell us what we are coming.  But I didn’t listen because I wanted to get back to school but that was my first round. When everyone was on their second run they stopped halfway and that was me and others.

On our second run The teachers were telling us to hurry up because the bell was going to ring.So everyong that had stopped they ran so they can get back to school. I ran so I could get back. When I was running I told everyone who was walking “you can do it come on” so they ran. Everyone got back to school and we had to walk around the courts until everyone got back from running and when the teachers come.

When Mr Marks would blow the whistle and everyone would have to come in to do some stretches. So we did hand stretches and leg stretches. It was hard for some people like me because we had to hold one of our legs up and try and stay still. I kept on dropping my leg. We had to do both legs but one by one. Then we had to cross our arms to the side and our other arm has to go up and then we had to change our arms.

After that we had to line up where our teacher was. Then we had to head back to class. My class had to get their bags and sit on the mat. After that Mr Marks would hand out the newsletters. Then he would talk to us about what is on it. Whenever he has done telling us we would have some time to play heads down thumbs up. When the bell rings and he say “ Good afternoon room 15” and we say “good afternoon Mr Marks”.Then we go home or go somewhere but I have training after school so I go training.Sometimes for netball and sometimes for rugby.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My rugby training story

At rugby training we had to train in the mud at the bottom field. First we got into teams. The first drill we did was passing the ball to each other without dropping it.  So it was like we had to control the ball. When it whizzed towards me I had to try and get a try but it was a big impact.

listening  carefully to what we needed to do and what team we were in, we did our drills. When we were playing we made a muddy mess and we were skidding and falling in the mud. We also destroyed the grass and made it look like a mud pool.  Also when we were playing some of us were exhausted.  All of us  flew to try and get are try and it worked.

After that we had to get the mud off us and clean ourselves, also we had to put on our uniform and shoes. Miss Vaafusuaga said “ You girls be fast and get to class or I will get into trouble AND then you will BE IN trouble by me”.  So we sprinted to class and put our shoes on in class.    Our teacher told us to line up because we had cross country and all of the girls complained,  “ Not more fitness”, but I was happy because I love running.