Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First time going homework club!

After school on Monday I went to homework club with Sarona As we were driving along the road we took Saronas little sister home. Then we went on the field to Play relay and we had to get into groups I was in Saronas group. Ms Adam told us the rules how to play we had to get in to partners I was with Sarona.

We were after Isaia and Night they had to go one by one but when they get to the end they had to tie one leg together and walk back to the finish line. Then it was my turn me and Sesalina had to race and we had to run to the hoola hoop and we had to do it three times and we had to run to the net and the ball we had to bounce it up in the air 5 times. Then we had to hockey the ball around the cone and I ran to the wheel and jumped in and out 3 times. And I had to wait until
Sarona did everything then she had to jump in the wheel and out three times too. Then Anahera tied the  plastic band around my ankle and Saronas ankle.

Then we had to walk fast back to the finish line as we got there we fell on the grass it was fun racing team 1 . Then we had a treat we had lollies Then we had to walk inside to get ready for a hunting game we were running everywhere I had to get one grey hair and I told The teacher if she can pull one hair out of her hair then I had to get a pace of wall and a scissors and a tomato and a dessert spoon and a bean.

It was fun Playing then they gave my team another treat we had lollies again it was nice and yummy Then we had to do our homework. I was in group one miss Adams group and  we had to write about eggs and easter Then we had to draw lines to match the other line across it was easy then I had to put my name on my paper work then I finished .

As I finished i had to go wash my hand for afternoon tea we had a bar and a cheese muffin it was nice and I drinked raroo. Then we had to pack up my group had to do the tables we had to take the legs out and we had to put it in  the cuboid. And we had to put the tables under the stage. Then me and Sesalina waved by to Sarona and we walked home because it was close

Monday, April 15, 2013


On Thursday we had triathlon and none of the girls and boys bring their togs. So we didn’t slide on the water slide. Bridge told us to do twenty star jumps. Then we run to the bikes and pick one then ride it out. I was nervous when I run to the bikes because it felt like I was going to crush into a person.

I was coming 2nd and Taamai was in the front of me. Then I hopped out of my bike then park it were I got it from. Then I went for a run and I got to the end then I tagged bridge hand and relieve that is was over. Then it was the boys turn.

After it was the girls turn again we did the same thing again and I came first again and Tauwhare came 2nd. Tauwhare is faster than me but I still came first and I am proud of myself. But as I was riding the bike I almost fell off and hurt myself but I quickly got my balance and stay up.

When I parked my bike back in to transport I took off my helmet and ran. We had to run around the cones but some people forgot. As I was running I looked back and saw Tauwhare again and she almost caught up but I ran as fast as I could.

One of the mans were standing at the finish lane and as I got to the finish line he put his hand out and high fived our hands. After I was done running I went to get a drink then my class lined up and we all went back to our class for lunch.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Skateland Day Today!!!! WOOHOO

“Mele do you want to go to skate land”? “Yeap I want to come” “ OK go and get ready and I will be warming the car”. So I got ready and went with my aunt but first we went to go and pick up some of my cousin’s and left. When we got there we had to wait for a bit because there were people playing hockey and we had to wait until they were done playing. We waited for about five or ten minutes when we all went in.

My aunt paid for all of us so we all went in grabbed our skates put them on and went on the rink. I was the first one to go on the rink so I went around the hole thing and I was about to fall but my cousin came on and helped me up. Everyone came on the rink and were skating my brother Jacob was skating backwards so I tired and I kind of did it.

Ten minutes after that these people that worked there put on some races for us so we all lined up. First it was the girls to had to race and we had to go around the cones three times and when he said go I was going fast. I was coming last so I was trying to go fast on on our last lap I went as fast as I could and I came first “woohoo I caught up woohoo.”

So it was the boys turn to race so my brother cousin and and my other cousin jumped in the race and it was only them three because no other boys wanted to race them. So when they were racing they were pushing each other and making each other fall so the man that was reffing the game told them they only had to do one lap so they ran fast and my cousin Amu came first then my brother then My other cousin Samuel.

After all the races were done we all started playing tag and I had to be in because I was the youngest out of everyone that we playing. So I tagged my brother and he ran after my sister Selina and it was funny because I kept on crashing into people. So it was time to close so we went off my rink took our skates off gave them back and went to get a feed.

So we left the skate land place and went to McDonald and I got a chicken burger. I ate it all up and waited for my cousin’s to finish even my sister and brother so they finish so we left. As we were going back to my house I saw some of my friends going up my drive so I got out of the car and said hello to them.

After that I went to my Mum said hi and asked her if I could go with my friends and she said yes so I left. So I went to one of my friends house and she asked her Mum if I could sleep over and her Mum said yes. So I went home told my Mum packed my bag and went to my friends house.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Panmure Basin

As I was watching TV my aunt asked if I wanted to go for a run around the basin and I said yeap. So I got up got changed and put my shoe on and left the house. As we were walking we met some of my aunts friends on the way and they came with us. But first they asked us where we are going and we told them and also told them we a going to walk to panmure and back. So we got to the basin and we talked to each other.

As we were running we all went on the obstacles and when I ran between the tires I fell on top of the tires but I was laughing. It was a long way so I got tired and had a drink of water also I was the only one that had water. My aunt and her friends stopped and I ran straight past them and went far as.

When I got to the bridge I waited for them but I couldn’t see them so I went back to look for them and they were all the way on the other side. “Run man we didn’t just come here to walk and talk we came to run” So we all ran and made it to the bridge I was at and waited there for a little. We got a breath back so we ran all the way without stopping and we sat for a little and left.

We were walking home but first we got a drink from the shops and then left. The sun was still out so we went to Glen Innes to see what everyone was up to and we went on the internet at the internet cafe. I saw my mum so I wanted to go home and I went home with my mum had dinner had a shower and went bed because I was tired.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Daylight Savings!

Daylight Savings!
“Man the is the last day for daylight saving and I better make the most of my time before daylight savings is OVER”

On the last day of daylight savings I went to the YMCA pools with my cousins Shaniah and Syriah. So I went to grab all my stuff from home and went back to my aunts.  When we all got ready we walked to the YMCA pools. As we were walking we went to the shop and bought some chips and two drinks when left the shop.

When we went around the corner we saw some of my cousin’s friend’s and they were coming so we waited. There were three or four friend’s that were walking to us.When we were waiting they took too long so we left and entered the pool.

When we entered the pool we got a blue band on our hand and walked in because it was for free. I went into the girl’s changing room put my togs on and went for a swim. I saw my friends Tauwhare so I swam with her and she swam in the cold pool. I was getting cold so I went for a shower then went to the warm pool.

I went into the warm pool and saw Jonathan and my cousins Piri and Tuhoe. I found a little penguin toy so my and Jonathan started throwing the toy to each other in it was so fun. We were getting kind of bored so we played touch with the penguin but we just keep on tipping each other over.

I was tired so I sat down on the chair and I wanted to go home so I went to get change and left the pool. After I left the pool I went to the fish and chip shop so I could eat so chips and went home. As I was walking home my legs were tired so I sat down for a little and saw my friends. They were walking my way home so I walked with them and went home.

When I got home I had some McDonald's and watched TV for a little and I was watching the surf. I watched my surfs with my big brother because he was sick so he didn't go to school. I couldn't stop laughing because the surfs were funny and when the movie was over we watched another movie but as I was watching it I fell asleep .

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Time!

Easter is about Jesus dying on the cross to take away our sins. Jesus sacrificed himself for us to live. They left him on the the cross for about six hour’s I think but then something happened to him. He rose up and came back to life but nobody saw him alive. Jesus went to Mary's house and protected her. So that is what Easter is about.

Me and my family went to the beach for Easter. As we got there we all got changed into our tog’s and went for a swim. As my cousin’s were swimming I helped my Aunt,Uncle and Mum cook the food. It was too cold to swim so I waited for a bit. When we got the food out I went to the park and played on the swing for a little bit and then went for a swim.

When I got changed I went into the water and it was cold as but I still went in. My cousin’s we're far as so I just swam with my little cousin’s also little sister’s and brother’s. “Please don’t splash me because it is too cold” “ Eh we want you to swim with us “ OK I will” So I went under the water and when I got up it was freezing. “Let’s get the blow up bed and lay on it in the water” So we go the blow up bed pumped it up and put it in the water.

When we put it is the water we all jumped on it and it was floating. My big cousins and brother and sister saw the blow up bed floating so they all started swimming to us.  When they got near us we all took up the whole space so they couldn't get on but they tipped the bed over and we all fell off. We all got up then we all jumped on and I got squashed so I hopped off and push the bed out so they could go far.

As I pushed them far my little brother and sister also my little cousin’s got scared so I took him off and took him back to the shallow bit and went back out to my big cousin’s. As I was pushing them I couldn't touch the ground so I held the bed so I can’t drowned. My sister Selina was pushing me off the bed but she didn't know I couldn't touch the ground.

When she push me off she noticed that I  couldn't touch the ground so she jumped in and put me back on the bed. We all had to go in and have a feed so I push them in by holding the bed and kicking my feet. We all hopped out and grabbed our towels then dried our self. We had burger’s and chip’s with salad and other kinds of food. I was done eating so I got change because it was too cold to swim again and I drank a lot of sea water.

When I got change all my cousin’s walked into the changing room to get change to. We all got change because it was getting cold and it was time to go back home. As I was waiting for my family to get change I played on the park. They all got change and we packed everything up put it into the car even the food. When we were in the car suddenly all my family could hear was Samoan music and me singing. When we got to my house it was empty and quite up our driveway.

We hopped out of the car grabbed everything out of the car went inside. We opened the door “Happy Easter” everyone said and we all got together and had Easter together. When we all got together they all told us that we were going to have an Easter hunt and they already hid the Easter egg’s. They said get set go and we all went looking for the Easter egg’s.

I was lost because I didn't really know what we were doing until I saw people with an Easter egg in their hand. I quickly ran and tried to look for some Easter egg’s. It was hard because this was my first time ever playing Easter hunt. I was getting use to the game because I only found 3 on my first round and the game got stopped. When we had to look for Easter egg’s inside.

IT was harder because the house was big house inside and there were a lot of hiding space. But I could already see some Easter egg’s so when they said got I quickly ran to the Easter egg’s that I can see. The game was over so I had 15 in total and that was a lot so when everything was over I was tired so I went straight to sleep.