Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country!

As it was that time of the year where we had to do cross country.After Lunch everyone in school went to the courts and line up behind the chairs that has their age or year. When everyone was there Tainui,Mataatua,Takitimu and Te Arawa had to say there cheers one after the other. When they all did there cheers it was time to race also when it was our turn I had butterflies.

As I was at the starting line I got nervous and didn't really want to the run but I still did. First Mr Burt said “On your Mark so we had to feet together Get set go”. As we were running we had to run around the top of our school field then out of the gate to the reserve. I was coming 4th but I had a really bad as sketch so I slowed down. When I got to Mrs King I saw a big Mud puddle and it looked like an mud pool so Mrs King said to slide in it and I said “ No thanks I don’t want to Get dirty that much”.

I was racing the year 7’s and it was hard. The course we ran was we had to run around the hole point England school Reserve two time and also around the top field of our school. But the year 8s did it different to us that had to do zig zag around the reserve two time and also around the top field like year 7’s.

When I got to Mrs King I saw a big Mud puddle and it looked like an mud pool so Mrs King said to slide in it and I said “ No thanks I don’t want to Get dirty that much”. When I Got near Mrs Squire’s I saw a lot of big water paddles so I ran thru them and got wet. I don’t really like getting muddy just wet. I was on my second run and did the same thing I did on my first.

I was tired and couldn't really run properly and when I got to Mr Barks I saw my friend Grace on the ground crying and Mr Barks said “She has a really bad cramp and I ask if I could look after her and Mr Barks said “She fine you go and finish off your cross country run and go run thru the finish line it your last run” “Ok”. As I ran thru the finish line I felt happy and wanted to do it again.

As I finish it felt I like it was not long but as I was running I felt tired sick and exhausted. It was pretty fun and when I had an water I felt energetic and felt like running everywhere but I took photos of people running thru the finish line. Me and Jorja ran thru the finish line together. Grace would of came first but she had a cramp so Chloe came first.

Friday, August 9, 2013

My Reflection

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed?
I enjoyed drawing different kind of Samoan pattern and learning Samoan word’s from these patterns. The best part of creative strand is when we had to get a piece of wood draw your Samoan pattern and crave it with a carving knife

Black Hat - Which things didn't I like?
The things I didn't enjoy was drawing patterns because it was difficult. Also I didn't like how we had to miss out a day on Friday we had to write because people weren't been good.

Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week?
The most interesting thing this week was craving out our patterns because I have never craved before. Also when I was done and I had to paint my craving i thought it would of came out wrong but when I pull my wood off the paper it came out good.

White Hat - What did I learn?
Also the most interesting  thing I learnt was Samoan pattern word’s. I learnt how to crave and when you're craving you have to keep your hand that the back of the carving knife so you don’t cut or stab yourself.