Friday, October 24, 2014


Imagining The World Without Empathy,
Walking home and seeing people getting bullied and hurt by each other is not the way that we are supposed to be treating each other. This is what the world would be like if we have no empathy in ourselves, So if there was no empathy in the world then we would be seeing everyone fighting all day and night non stop.

The way to show empathy is to put yourself and other peoples shoe and make sure to help one another out. Understanding why there unhappy and why they're having a bad time. Be a true friend and always help them out every time they're going to through hard times. Also when you’re walking around school you can show empathy by making sure everyone is happy and treating each other like family. Helping the teacher out in class is also showing empathy.

The reason why it important to show empathy is because when you're growing up in life and see people getting pushed around and teased you would know what to do. Empathy is also important because you wouldn’t want to walk around where you live and see everyone been disrespectful to other and fighting. So respect each other and and show empathy when someones feeling down.

The best thing to do when you go travel around places is to show empathy and make sure everyone feels welcome. If you’re imagine the world with empathy then you would think our world would be bad and no one would be happy. So put yourself in other peoples shoes and make sure you are empathetic to each other.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Term 4.

Walking into the hall all I see is the teachers dressed in beautiful bright colours. As I walked to the hall I said to Tyla.“ I wonder what the theme is for today” . “ It says over there”Tyla Responds ”That's our theme Art Attack”. “ Oh YOOOOOOOOOOOO” I said LOUD. I couldn’t wait until team 1 -5 showed us what their team is going to study for this term.

Watching team 4 perform and tell us what they're going to be doing this term I wonder to myself, Are they going to learn about Jackson Pollock and also paint the Jackson Pollock does. There were four famous painters standing on the stage. Andy Warhol was a pop art, Fatu Fe’u was a Samoan and drew flower patterns, Vincent Van Gogh had an bandaged ear, Pablo Picasso style of painting was cubism, Monet Has a french accent and George Seurat’s style of painting was pointillism dots.

They all Introduced himself and told  us what kind or style painting there into. Most of these painters lived in Auckland and Designed picture for companies Westpac. It was really interesting hearing from where they come from and what they paint. My favorite artist was Vincent Van Gogh because he had an bandaged ear but still could paint which was really interesting. I think that team 4 was the best performance for me because it was interesting for me and they told us about the artist and what they do.  Only If I was related to one for these artist I would be happy because I would be an artist as well. BUT REALLY.

“ I think this term is going to be a messy term ” I Responded to Ane. I can’t wait until we get into the middle or this term because painting is really fun and I also enjoy doing art.  Thank you to all the teachers who picked Art Attack for this term. Term 4 HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT.