Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oscar Pistorius.

Oscar Pistorius is a famous runner, why? Because there is something special about him , he's a blade runner. I think most of you that are reading this are like what is a blade runner. Well a blade runner is a person that runs with fake legs. Really special right. He's a good athlete and also he's from a great country called South Africa.

One thing that very sad for me was that Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend. But they don't know if he did by purpose or not. I heard that he thought that he was the only one in the house and he thought that there was a robber in his house, He heard noises in the bathroom and shot into the bathroom. It was his wife.

Maths DLO Week 5/6

Solomon Islands (Weekly Quiz 11)

Did you know that the rocks of Solomon Islands has recently devastated by floods and was struck by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in the weekend? Mostly all of the islands have been inhabited for thousands and thousands of years. In 1568, all of the Spanish navigators has been naming them the Islas Solomon.

There was a powerful magnitude 7.6 earthquake has struck near Solomon Islands on Sunday morning. They have been having earthquakes for quite a while now. Casualties, 10 people were found dead, there was 6 people missing and 17 people were injured badly. The 2013 Solomon Islands earthquakes a seismic events registering Mw 8.0 that stuck.

About 26.000 were killed or they were either gone missing,  and 9.000 died of disease and 1.00. Some people were very upset for their lost, their house were destroyed, including all the stores. So that means that there is no food to eat they had dertie water to drink.

Banning Cars In Paris.

On the march 17th 2014 the French government has halted and also ban half of the traffic from Paris streets after a single day. They were camiling that there experiment aimed at the curbing of a harmful pollution that has been successful. Also the vast majority of Parisians had been co-operated.  

People would get a ticket that it will say a day that they weren’t allowed to drive. That show back in those days they didn’t have that much of petrol. But if that person drives on the day thats on the ticket they will get a fine of $1,500. Could you afford that? They had did this because of pollution.

There were chemicals PM10 causes all the pollution in the air. It was twice the recommended level of pollution, So the government said that they had to do something about it. They drive in differents days because it doesn’t brings pollution to their country.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fia Fia Writing!.

Leaving my house with my family we hurried along to school. Sauntering into the school gates I could see a lot of people selling food and also I could smell chickhen. Getting near the doorway all I could see were my friends running straight up to me like they haven’t seen me in ages. I couldn’t wait until Fia Fia starts.

As I was waiting for Mr Burt to call over the loudspeaker my Mum and I went for a walk around and saw my aunt and uncle selling food. “ Can I buy a toffee pop please aunty”? “Yes here have it for free since you're whanau. As I was eating all I could hear was Mr Burt telling us that we can all make our way to the changing rooms.

This is my family that were selling food.
“ Good luck Mele” “Thank you Mum”. Running to my changing room I got changed then we had a little practice and suddenly I see my sister’s waiting at the door for me. As I went to them they both gave me there toffee apples but I couldn’t eat so I put it in the bin.

“Welcome Parents and WHANAU I hope you all enjoy the fiafia” Mr Burt announced and told us what you can’t do and places you can’t go then we started. The Kapa Haka Group was first which is my group so as we were walking up the stairs onto the stage I left like there were butterflies flying in my stomach. I had to lead the group first and I was scared because there were a lot of people in the crowd.

My favourite group was the Samoan group because they were awesome and I love Samoa. The groups that I was in were Hip Hop Senior and Kapa Haka Senior. I can’t wait until next year because I'm gonna come back and support my school because I will be in college next year. Next year why don't you come along and see what it would be like next year?.

Senior hip hop fia fia from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.
Fiafia clip from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Joseph Parker ( Article )

Joseph Parker is a famous heavyweight boxer in the world. He was born in south Auckland 1992. He also had a older brother that is up and coming a amateur boxer. He started boxing at the age of eleven and he trains that the gym in Papatoetoe. 

Mr Parker completed the New Zealand heavyweight 2010 Commonwealth Games. He won his first fight over Canada people Didier Bence After he scored nine points in the final round of his fight. He only needed to win his second fight which is the quarter final so he could pick up the gold medal but unfortunately he lost to  Tariq Abdul Haqq . 

John Parker was turning professional, Mr Parker has had seven fight and won six of his fight by knock outs. His nick name was explosive Joseph and he was also born in Apia Samoa. His total record was 7. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

P.E At Tamaki

Making our way down to Tamaki College I was excited because we were only going there to play some games with the year 13. We go to Tamaki  every Friday and play differents sorts of games. Getting near Tamaki we got put into groups and we went with two leaders from the year 13.

The first game we went to was where we had to work as a team and trust each other. We had to fall from a high bench into our teams hands. I was scared because I didn’t know if I could trust any of my teammates because they might drop me. We all broke up into two teams because there were 14 all together. As it was getting near my turn my heart was beating. “ I’m scared that you guys will drop me”. “Trust us we all work as a team” (Drop) I done it and i was PROUD.

We all got lollies from our leaders and went back onto the field where everyone else was. I couldn’t believe that I believed in everyone and did it. We all gather up into a group and went back to school. As we were walking my team mates were proud that i did it “ You weren't heavy you were light” Brent said.

Everyone was coming up to me and asking if I was crying? I was crying a little because I was scared but at least I did it and tried hard. As we got to school we grabbed our lunch and ate it and went to play.

I really enjoy going to Tamaki on Fridays for P.E because we have lots of fun and learn new games. I love going to Tamaki College for P.E it the best thing to do. I wish we went Tamaki College everyday to do P.E .