Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My best moive.


                             Hope you enjoyed it thank you for watching bye.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

net books

At the start of the year,year 5 and up got net books.Now it is the end of the year we are doing are reflection about the positive and negatives.

The best thing I like about my net book is that we get to go on Internet and play games.Also we can upload games to play.But the one thing I really really like is that we can chat to our friends on our on our own Google docs.The things that I like to do at school on my net book is that I like playing on math whizz and Xar math.I think that I have improved more in my math.

The thing I don’t like about net books is that the Internet is slow sometimes.Also people go on to something that they are not allowed to go on like face book and bebo. But overall net books are better than pencil and paper because your hand gets tired and hurts when you write with pencils. You don’t get tired writing on key boards.Also I would really miss all the fun things I have been doing. It makes school more interesting.