Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Samoa Story

On Tuesday my brother Jacob and my sister Selina went to Samoa and had a swim in the beach.They were there because it was there last night in Samoa. they were Also  diving from the top of are big rock into the water.When they were getting out of the water they found are swung that can swing them into the water.So when they got near the swing they took turns and they also bombed into the water.When Jacob bombed into the water he hurt his backbut he didn’t care about it.

When they were walking out of the water Jacob and Selina went to the top to dive Jacob Sliced his foot and his feet was bleeding.It was alittle cut but it still stinged his feet so he went into the water and tryed to make the blood go away but it wouldn’t.So he washed his foot with his hand but every time he goes forward he gets are stinging foot.So he calls his sister Selina and she helped him with his foot.She said you Jacob “ Where is your Phone so I can ring Mum to come and help.So Jacob told her where the phone is and she rang there Mum.Her Mum said that she will be there in 5 minutes with the Kits with everything that will help Jacobs foot.So when she made the call she went to go and ckeck on Jacob and told him that there Mum will be there soon.

So when there Mum came with the kits that has everything in it to help Jacobs leg there Mum says to them “Why did you come to the beach with no one to look after you” then Selina said “We thought that you would've said no and we came because it is our last night at Samoa”.There Mum says “ You guys are right we should spend time at the beach because it is our last day here so tomorrow before we leave we will all go to the beach and spend time with everyone”.And everyone goes “WooHoo” because they are happy.But Mum said “but first we got to get Jacob to the hospital so his foot can get better and can someone pass me are badge for his leg”.So Selina got the bange and helped Mum put it around Jacobs leg and helped Jacob get into the car so his foot can get better.

So the next day everyone woke up to a lovely sunny day and were ready to go to the beach.Everyone had their togs on and got into the car to go and see if Jacob could come.Jacob and Selina and her Mum came to the beach and was spending time with the family before they leave.When they all had done at the beach they all went to the airport to watch their family leave.So they left on the plane everyone went home and went to sleep.

This is my reading

This is Zwe and he is helping his family claim rice.He didn’t have school today so that is why he help. He didn’t have school because it was teachers only day.Him and his family claim all of the rice on the rice feed.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

John Gets Caught Steeling From The Shop's

A person called John was walking to the shop to buy stuff for his house, child and a present for his grandchildren and he saw a dog off its leash and he was scared.Lita who owned the dog came out of the shop.

When she came out she saw her dog running after John so she had to run after her dog to save John from not getting bitten from the dog. John ran around the shops and he kept on running then suddenly Lita called the dogs name and she said “Chestnut stop it and come here”. So they dog came and she said to the dog “Bad dog don’t do that again”.

When John went into the shop he Stole something and went out.Then when the dog saw him the dog ran after him and Lita turned and looked where the dog was and he was running after John.Chestnut Broke his bag and Lita saw that he stole and she was proud of her dog.

The police came to ask him why he stole. He said “ I am working for the person called Sam and he said if I don’t steal he will Stick me in the toilet”.So the police told him to show them where Sam was.He took the police to where Sam was.

The police asked “Why did you send John to steal? “Because we have no money and we are poor”.The police said “it doesn’t mean you can steal the food you could've just went to see your family”. But then Sam said “Do we go to jail”?  The police said yes because you have been stealing”.The police gave Chestnut a treat and said “good dog” also Lita was happy for her dog because she thought that the dog was going to bite John for no reason.

So John and Sam were in jail for five years and the shops had security dog’s around so no one else could steal. And chestnut looked after the shop to. Since John and Sam have been in jail there has been no more robbers and the shop was safe. John and Sam didn’t like jail so they started getting angry at each other and started a fight so they had to stay in jail for ten years because they have been fighting. The shopkeeper was proud of the dog so she let them visit whenever they wanted.