Wednesday, April 6, 2011


When I was walking up the stairs I heard echoing coming from up stairs. It looked scary because it took long to walk up. It took long to walk up and when I got up to the end I was waiting in the long line.
Before we were going down the hydro slide we had to wait for the green light to come on. Mr. S. and Mr. Marks were pushing everyone down. They were zooming down fast. My friends and I were waiting for our turn.
Finally it was my turn. I had to wait for the green light to come. When it came on Mr S. gave me a powerful push. When I was zooming down the pitch black slide I was screaming with excitement . In the dark it looked like I had seen a ghost. I was happy to go down and was zooming down fast. I got to the end and I hopped out of he hydro slide.

School Picnic

On Friday the 25Th of Feb was the best day of my life because there was a picnic at the beach. All the kids were so happy. But first we all had to meet all the teachers in the hall. We all were singing songs because we were waiting for Mr Burt. Mr J. was playing the songs. Why we went is so we can have fun. We have a picnic every year. How we got there is we walked there because its our beach.We went with all the school.
When we got there we sat on the grass near the beach and Mr Burt was talking to us because we had to see were we could sit and play. Our class sat under the smallest tree. When we got there we ate our morning tea and I ate it all because I was so hungry. It was yum yum. When I stopped eating I played on the park. After that I went down to the beach to get some crabs. But I was too scared to pick up the crabs so I got some clay and picked the crabs up with clay.

At Skateland

When we arrived at Skateland we put our rollerblades on and skated on to the rink. After we were on the rink I was swerving around people and it was fun. Suddenly we had games and the games we had were boys and and girls races. I came second even though I tried my hardest to come first. Well the second game was a backwards race and I came second again. I mostly came first on all the games but not limbo. I came in 4th or 5th place. It was fun at Skateland.