Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Find Images That I can Use

How to select a picture with permissions from the owner
1.Type cats in your google engine.
2.When your on the website click  images.
       3.Some people put these photo’s on the web so we need to not take there photo so we need to click on this.
4.There will be this thing called advanced search then go down and  click.
5.Then click search image.
6.Click a photo then it will go to this.
7.Then if you don't want to take the photo with that X then click full size image then it will look  like this.

Now you can take a screen shot.
Then your done thank  you for following the steps.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mele's Banana

When Mr Marks handed me a half banana it looked like a nose. Also when I was feeling it it felt like clay. As soon as I looked at the banana skin I thought that it looks like a horse’s back bone.

After that Mr Marks said to me to peel off the skin so I did. I didn't pull the skin from each side, I only pulled one side. After I got the inside of the banana and squeeze it in my hands and it squashed.

I was waiting to eat it as soon as  Mr Marks say's “eat up”.  So I ate it as fast as I could because it was yum! It tasted like a delicious milkshake and it was the best to me. When I licked it it felt like I was licking an ice cream.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mele RESPECT poem

Mele poem

Remember to use your W.I.T.S and walk away.
Everyone  has to play in the right place so all of us a happy.
Stop look and listen when someone is talking to you.
Purua to potae so you can play with your friends and  
                      so you are happy.                             
Every time we walk passed classes that are working we have to stop think and do.
Champions never give up in their games or life.
Take charge of what you do to people or to your self.

Friday, February 3, 2012

All about me

Hi my name is Mele. I have two brothers and two sisters and my Mums name is Faga and my Dads name is Paul. I love my family. We live at Maybury St. Also I go to church in GI next to Pak n Save. We are Samoan and Tongan. I am 10 going on to 11 years old.

I love the school I go to. I go to Pt England School and I am in room 15. My teachers name is Mr Marks. My best friends name is Chloe, Grace, Hope, Ana and Aldora. We met in room 8. The classes that I was from room 2,5,8,10,11,14 and now room 15. I am a year 6. The class I am in is a year 5 and 6.

The sports I play at school is net ball some times soft ball,soccer and I think that’s it.This year I am going to play net ball. I played net ball when I was a year 4 and my coach was Mr Jacobson and Mrs Jacobson. Last year my coach was my teacher, Ane and one of her sons who goes to this school, And I do not know who is my coach is this year. The people that are going to play is Grace, Aldora, Ana, Chloe, Hope and me.

I am happy to be back at school so I can meet my new teacher and class buddies. Also There is going to be a year six camp and I can’t wait. I think that I might not go. Also there is going to be field trips, production and glee. I was in glee last year and the group I was in was Army and the song we danced to was End of Time by Beyonce.