Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dagmar Dyck

As the first generation New Zealander Dagmar Dyck has been grown up in a Bi-cultural home, She has a German father and Tongan/German mother. She has followed her instincts and firmly believes that being honest in oneself is a quality that will shine through her beautiful Ngatu themed Art Work .(Theme) Why does she paint these things? The reason why she is painting these things is because she is  showing people her background or her life.

What kind or texture does Dagmar Dyck use for her painting? Dagmar Dyck user's viraten colours like green, yellow, orange, red and other colours. Also Tongan culture “Koloa” is defined as a textile art that she uses as well. As she paints she always has 'faka'apa'apa (respect) in herself. The symbols she includes are tongan ngatu and and culture patterns.

Te Tuhi Trip 2nd from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Review: You Can Always Tell Cathy From Caitlin

Book Title: You Can Always Tell Cathy From Caitlin
Author: Sheldon Oberman
Reviewer: Mele Class 4
Grand total of books read this year: 7
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This book is about two twins who kinder have the same ting's in common. One's quiet and the other one is very loud and messy's stuff up.

Cathy said, "I get tired of being Cathy. Sometimes I'd like to be the quiet one."
Caitlin said, "I get tired of being Caitlin. Sometimes I'd like to yell."

Monday, December 1, 2014

To Miharo Hoki (You Are Awesome)

On Thursday the 27th of November some people came into our intermediate block to talk to us about our future aspirations. Their job was to inspire and to help get us prepared for the many working years ahead.  

Mr Samuel (Anthony) gave us 1 Phase and 1 Key! The phase was To Miharo Hoki which means YOU ARE AMAZING. The 1 key was that we have to be amazing and telling everybody there amazing. Also he gave us a quote about our future, And the quote was... Dont Let your past determine your future!

Amelia told us about her life and past. In her life she had two brothers which dropped out or school and were in gangs. So everytime she would walk into class everyone would be teasing her and say that she will turn out like her brothers. So she had ups and downs in her life but never gave up. Amelia is now a Fashion designer and she also had a quote for us which was.. DONT LET PEOPLE PUSH YOU BACK.
Paula also had a story in his life about him almost dieing. Paula told us that when he was little his school had a pool and he was the best at swimming. Every time his class went swimming he would always come first because every time everyone gets tired he would stand and walk to the finish line.But... When his school went for interzones it was his turn to swim. When Paula was swimming he saw that everyone was tired so he tried to stand up but the pool was too deep. Paula started drowning and the lifeguard had to pull him out and pump on his stomach. So Paula’s quote for us is: To try and succeed and give everything ago.

After hearing all these stories Andrew Patterson told us about a boy who went to Manurewa intermediate, His name was Iavana. Mr Patterson showed us a video of Ivana and in the video Ivana told us about what happened in his life and was he does now. It was pretty interesting because he told us that he was naughty when he was little but..... Now he is a year 9 and he is very famous with his stories!!!

After Mr Samuels, Paula,Amelia and Mr Patterson talked to us and told us about their lifes, They really inspired me and make me want to try everything even if I ain’t good at it. I hope that one day I will be like Ivana and be confident to talk in front or people. So it’s my time to give you a quote. “ Always give everything ago even if you ain’t good at it”. So I hope this quote helps all you people reading this!!!

Friendship !

What good friends mean! If you don’t know what good friends mean then I think you should keep reading this amazing writing. The word FRIENDSHIP has a lot of meanings in it. If you know that you’re not a good friend then I think this writing will help you in the future

What makes a good FRIEND? Well been a good friend isn’t always that easy because either you or your friend argue. Obviously arguing with your friends means that you to a close friends or does it? Hmmm I can answer this question for you, When you and your friend argue then forgive and forget about it, well that shows that you accept your friend the way they are.

How to be a good FRIEND! The best way to be a good friend, Is an order to be yourself and act the way you normally act in front of each other. It takes time to become close friends and get to know each other but I’m sure it’s worth the wait. Good friends are there to cheer each other on and make sure everything is working for them.

Why do you need to be a good FRIEND! The reason why you need to be a good friend is because if you’re in trouble, their right by your side is your friend. BUT if you don’t treat people the way you want them to treat you then there’s a problem. There’s an important factor, those people you bullied won’t wanna help you and be by your side when you get picked on. So if you want to get treated as a good friend then treat people the way you want to get treated.

When do your friend’s needs you? At some point your friends would need you, For example there always scared or that one person in school..... You should be there to help them and talk to them about what’s going on. It is important that you make your friend feel like they're welcomed and also have their back if they are going through hard situation’s in life.
What if we didn’t have good friends in this world, Then our world would be a disaster. Everytime you walk around all you see is everyone arguing, people doing bad things to each other or even hurting themselves. Everything would be upside down and there’s you wanting to do something but you think nothing will work. THIS IS THE REASON WHY WE NEED TO MAKE SURE EVERYONE FEELS SAFE AND WELCOMED.

The best thing is to have a true friend always by your side so you know at least someone’s there for you. It is an important idea to be a true friend to anyone no matter what happened between you for example, You and another person always argues then you should be stepping up and sorting it out between one another. Im glad I got true friends in my life because I know that they will always help me with things that I struggle in. I HOPE THIS HELPS YOU GUYS IN LIFE AND IN THE FUTURE.