Thursday, May 24, 2012

All about Jackson Pollock drawing

Jackson Pollock was  America and he lived in America.The part he lived in was in New York .He was married to an American lady.Her name is Lee Krasner.Also he was a painter and he did  his own painting design.How he paints was he flick's the paint to his paper.Also he liked to used the primary colours. He died on August 11,1956 and when he was 44.He was born in 1912.He was passionate about art because that was his  favourite thing to do. He passed away in a car crash.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Story About Creatures

If there was no rain the sea creature will be the only creature alive. It is possible that the creature that live on land would Not Survive without rain.

There are a few parts of the of the world where it does not rain. In the desert, animals and plants cannot live there because it does not have rain.

Rain supplies us and animals with drinking water. It makes things grow and survive.

Some people in city get angry when it rains. They forget that farmers badly need to grow grass and food. Also cattle need water. The water goes into the dam and when you turn on your tap water comes out.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mele Swimming lesson

Wow guess what my class did on Monday we went to the pools to learn how to swim. What we did first was got in to our togs then had a shower. Then we had to sit on the chairs. We all got a turn at swimming because they had to put us in groups.  When we got into our swimming groups. Guess what group I was in? I was in group two. Also my teacher was Natalie. She told us who she is  and what she is.

When we all were getting out of the pool my eyes was stinging.I was happy
that we had another shower and my eyes got better.