Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Going to the hospital/doctors

Hook:On sunday my brother Jacob broke his nose so we had to go to the hospital/Doctors to check his nose.

When we got there my Mum signed this paper to give the details to the doctors so they know what is wrong or what they need to do to help. She signed it and gave it back to the lady at the counter. The lady at the counter said she won’t be long she will be back in 5 minutes so we waited until she came back. As we were waiting my little brother Leone and sister Leylani were playing with the toys and throwing them everywhere. The lady came back and she told us to follow her so Me my little brother and little sister picked the toys up and we all followed her.

We follow her into a room and as we walked in we saw a man in the room. I lady went out and closed the door and the man talked to us. He ask us what happened and my brother jacob told him. “I was at the friend’s house and I was on his tramp doing flips even though the tramp was wet then I did a backflip and my nose landed on the medal part first”. “Ok so you jumped on the wet tramp doing flips and hit your nose on the metal part and broke it”. “Yes”. “OK we will do an xray on your nose to see if anything is wrong with it”.

So we went out of the room and sat on the chairs because my brother needed to get an xray on his nose. “Can you breath through your nose”. “No not really also when I touch my nose it just hurts I have tried to blow my nose but it hurts and it sting’s my nose.” “Ok I will just take in these note to the nurse so she knows that we a using the x ray room so she can it it ready so your just stay here and I will be back ok” “Ok”. So 2 minutes later the man came back and took us to the x ray room.

We got to the x ray room but me and my little Brother and sister had to stay outside and my Mum went into the x ray room with my brother Jacob and the Nurse. As they were in the x ray room I took my little sister and brother for a walk outside. We were watching the cars go past and every time we see i cool car we always say my car. We were outside for about 10 minutes so we went back inside and they just walked out of the x ray room. The nurse said to come back on friday to check his nose again to see if it need’s to get put in place. So we went outside got a feed from Mcdonalds and went home.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All about Me!

My name is Mele and I go to pt england school also I am in room 21. I am a year 7 and my teachers name is Mrs Lagitupu. I really enjoy my class because their a new people that I can be friends with. My favorite subject is Maths and writing because maths really helps me with my times, addition and subtraction. Writing helps me write long hard and weird words also words I don't know how to spell. I really don’t like reading because it is kind of hard but I will get use to it. I love room 21 because I have made new friends and their names are Sisilia, Ashlee, Quziyah,Grace,Hope and Serenity.

I have two brothers and two sisters also one on the way. My brothers names are Leone and Jacob and my sisters names are leylani and Selina. I am the 3rd oldest but I am going to be the 4th oldest. I am Samoan and Tongan and my Mum is Samoan my dad is Tongan. My Mums name is Faga and my Dad’s name is Afualo, But my Dad lives in tonga and I live with my Mum. Also I love cooking dinner for my family and I loved cooking for them scene I went to tech which is at tamaki college. I really like going to tamaki college because we go their to cook different kind of food.

My favorite sports are Netball, Rugby, Basketball, Softball and Rippa rugby. But I most favorite sport out of these sports is rugby than Basketball and then Netball. I wished that their was a girls basketball team at our school but their is only a boys basketball team. I play netball and we have our netball games on tuesday at the netball courts in Mt wellington I think. Also I played Rugby last year and that was my first time I have ever played rugby. We play rugby at different schools but sometimes we have it at our school, I also prefer we have it at school but I like going to other schools.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tech Tamaki

Lining up waiting for Mrs Heka to take us we all sat in front of her class. As we were waiting we played hand games. We played games like I dear you, Slimy yuck yuck and apple on the stick! Also we were watching the tamaki students walk past if we knew any of them we would say hello to them. When they walked past we saw Mrs Heka so we quickly lined up for her. “ Morning Mrs Heka” Everyone said! “Morning kids now should we go and make some food”? “YES” “Lets go”.

First we had to put our vest on and wash our hands with soap and water. When we done that we all went to our kitchen space’s and waited to see what we were making. There were eight kitchens so three people were in a kitchen each. But one team had four people and a kitchen and the rest had three people in each team. Mrs Heka sorted us out and my partners were Laita and Giselle.

“We are all sorted out so what we a going to make is Naco’s”. “Yumm”. So we got all our equipment out and had to wait for the next step. Our next step was to get our ingredients and our ingredients were Chips, Mince, Veggies, Sauce, oil and Onion. We took our ingredients to our kitchen and started to cook Naco’s.

First we cut up our Mince and onion and put it into the Pan. The oil was already in the pan and was put into the pan. We didn’t put the Mince in yet because we had to cook the onion first then put the mince in. The onion was going black so we quickie put in the Mince and cooked the mince. The mince was one so we tipped in the sauce into the pan and waited the the sauce to cook.

Everything was cooked so we grabbed three bowls with chips that were in it and put the naco’s into the bowl. We were done doing that so we all found the place to sit and ate the naco’s all up. We were done eating it all so we packed our dishes washed them dried them and put them away we cleaned everything and went to put our vest aways and went outside and waited for the rest of the pt england students. we saw them and went back to school and we got to school and ate our morning tea.   

Friday, March 22, 2013

Trudging along the windy sandy beach!

One windy cold day an old man called James was trudging along the sandy beach. He wore his oversized grey and black coat with his long brown pants. As he was walking he could see a crowd of people on the beach. People were surfing and waves washing ashore. Boat's were going everywhere also white foam coming from ashore. Step by step his feet were digging in the soft sand. As Seagulls were scavenging around James his childhood memories came to his mind.

When he thought of his memories from back in his childhood he could remember that him and his friend’s Jack, Russell and Beni ran along the beach running after the seagulls and running away from the water when it comes into shore. But he was a solitary figure when he was thinking of his childhood, He also wished his friends were with him right now.

He saw some boys playing with glass bottle and smashing them to the ground so he went to him and told him to stop. But when James walked away the boys just keep on smashing them and one of the boys threw it a james head. James fell down to the ground and his head was bleeding but he put his hand on his head and saw the blood on his hand. The boys that were smashing the glass bottles came to him and was kicking him punching him in the face and they all smashed a bottle each on his head, There were five boys that did it.

The people that were on the beach saw him getting bullied so they ran to see if he was ok.He need’s to go to the hospital so ring the hospital “Hello um there has been this man that got hit from these five boys and they all smashed a glass bottle on this man head” Where about is this man?” “He is at black sand beach” “OK we will be there soon”  “They are going to be here soon”.

So they helped the man up and took him to the seats so he could sit down and when they got their they they saw the ambulance. They ran to the ambulance and told them that James was at the chairs sitting down.They took James into the ambulance and checked him took him away to the hospital. When they took James they saw the five boys to bullied that man and those five boys went to jail for bullying James.

Friday, March 15, 2013

My Softball Game

 I am are year 7 and our first game was against Parnell school. We fielded first so we put on our gloves on and went to our positions and my position was outfielder. Hope was pitcher and Grace was back stop. Laita was base 1, Serenity was base 2 and Annliz was base 3. Quziyah was outfielder on the right and Vanessa was outfielder left said and I was middle. The first batter was up and she swung the bat and ran to the first base. The of there team mates got out so it was changeover. So we had our bat and went to our next game.

We versed three school two times. The schools we versed was Parnell, Churchill park and st Thomas. St Thomas was the next school we versed and they didn't wear gloves they caught it their hands. We batted first this time and Grace was the first one to bat so she put the Helmet on to protect her head and grabbed the bat. We it the ball and ran all the way to home without stopping. We all had a bat until they got three people out. We changed over and did our fielding and then they had all their bats and then they stopped the games so we played our last game with Churchill park and went back to parnell school.

 We went to parnell and versed them again they beated us on their first game so we a going to try and beat them this time. So we fielded again so we know how manys home runs we needed to get so we could win. So we went out to the field with our gear we needed and played the game. When they hit the ball it always bounces and we caught it then get them out. They never got need run homes but we did we got 5 nile. SO we went to our next game and did the same thing 2 the two team's we didn't verse. We won our game and made it to Auckland campion. So when we finished all our games we went to go and watch the year 8 girls to see how their going with their game.

When we went to the field they were playing at they had a break and had a drink. So when they had a drink they went back on the field and started to play and they were batting. When they were batting the pitcher on the other team pitched fast as that the year 8 girls could hit the ball far. They got the last three out then it was changeover. So the pitcher from the year 8 girls was Jaylee so she pitched it fast to time and keeped on getting them out. The whistle blew and the game was over.  So they said all their cheers and we along and said good game to everyone in the other team. When they done that our year 8 and year 7 went into and waited for the results for the year 8. As they said year 8 you have made it to auckland champions we all scream and were so happy. So we packed our stuff up and went back to school and celebrated!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Windy Cold Picnic

The Windy Cold Picnic!
“The wind is so strong” I shouted! The windy wind was blowing my hair like a hair dryer as we were walking down to the beach.As we got to my beach Ashlee, Tui and I put our bags down. “Lets go and eat our morning tea” I said! So we sat down and had our  morning tea.When we were done eating we put our rubbish in the bin and went to go and play.

First we went to go and play softball with all the other kids.I was a fielder and I was on base three.When it was changeover I had my turn at batting so I hit the ball and ran around the bases to get to home. I stopped at base three and waited for the next person to hit because if I keep running i could of got out. when I made it to home I went down to the beach With Tui and Ashlee.

“Should we go on the rock” Ashlee Said “yeah lets go” Tui shouted so we ran to the rock. When we got on the rock Tui and I were touching the water and it was nice and cold.I stopped touching the water because I was about to fall in. Tui was still touching the water and as she was touching the water she fell in and got her hand sliced on a rock.

“Help Help” She was screaming as loud as she could and I was wondering why she was screaming. “Why are you screaming for?” “Because I sliced my hand and it is really sore”. She showed us and I ran to tell the teacher. “Mr Marks Tui fell into the water and sliced her hand” “Where is she”? “She is down at the water”. Mr Marks ran down to see if she was ok but she wasn’t.

“Run and get my phone and call the Ambulance now” So I ran up the stairs to Mr Marks bag and grabbed his phone. I dialed 111 “Can we have an ambulance to the pt england reserve because there is this girl who sliced her hand” “Yes we will be there shortly” So I hanged up and ran back down to Mr Marks. “They will be here shortly so we should help her get out of the water and get her up the stairs”. We helped her get out of the water and Up the stairs.

When we got up the stairs we saw the ambulance coming. The people who were in the ambulance came out to help Tui into the ambulance to take her to the hospital. When Tui got into the ambulance they ask her question before they left to take her. So they asked her questions like how did u slice your hand and how did u fall in? She answered them and took her to the hospital.

“Lets all pray for her and make sure she ok” Mr Marks said. We prayed and asked god to help her and make sure she is alright and when we were done praying we rang her parents so they know what happened to Tui. “Umm Hello Tui has gone to the hospital because she sliced her hand” OK thank you for telling me tell her that i am on my way bye” Beep Beep Beep. “OK so we have rang her parents now lets all do karaoke”.