Friday, March 22, 2013

Trudging along the windy sandy beach!

One windy cold day an old man called James was trudging along the sandy beach. He wore his oversized grey and black coat with his long brown pants. As he was walking he could see a crowd of people on the beach. People were surfing and waves washing ashore. Boat's were going everywhere also white foam coming from ashore. Step by step his feet were digging in the soft sand. As Seagulls were scavenging around James his childhood memories came to his mind.

When he thought of his memories from back in his childhood he could remember that him and his friend’s Jack, Russell and Beni ran along the beach running after the seagulls and running away from the water when it comes into shore. But he was a solitary figure when he was thinking of his childhood, He also wished his friends were with him right now.

He saw some boys playing with glass bottle and smashing them to the ground so he went to him and told him to stop. But when James walked away the boys just keep on smashing them and one of the boys threw it a james head. James fell down to the ground and his head was bleeding but he put his hand on his head and saw the blood on his hand. The boys that were smashing the glass bottles came to him and was kicking him punching him in the face and they all smashed a bottle each on his head, There were five boys that did it.

The people that were on the beach saw him getting bullied so they ran to see if he was ok.He need’s to go to the hospital so ring the hospital “Hello um there has been this man that got hit from these five boys and they all smashed a glass bottle on this man head” Where about is this man?” “He is at black sand beach” “OK we will be there soon”  “They are going to be here soon”.

So they helped the man up and took him to the seats so he could sit down and when they got their they they saw the ambulance. They ran to the ambulance and told them that James was at the chairs sitting down.They took James into the ambulance and checked him took him away to the hospital. When they took James they saw the five boys to bullied that man and those five boys went to jail for bullying James.

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