Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On Thursday room 14 went to badminton.We went because these ladies were at Pt England and they like to teach people.Their names were Donna and Lorene.

What we did was we had shuttles and rackets.The shuttle’s had feathers on the bottom.Also on the top it had a rubber.With the racket we hit the rubber.We all got a shuttle and a racket then we had to keep it airborn.So after that we did under leg.As soon as we did that we had to hit it up the air 3 times then do it under our legs.

We played games after that and we played a game that we had to take 5 shuttle from the bin. We had to take 5 steps away from the bin with the 5 shuttles and with our racket’. What we had to do is try to get them in the bin from 5 steps away. It was hard for me. I only 2 in.

Next we played a game with a net. It was like volleyball but we did it with rackets and shuttles. The boys played with one net and the girls played with the other net. 
 We played this game with Donna because Lorene was at a tournament playing against other people. It was cool as. I was first.

We did back hands and forehand. It was tricky to do. Also I was on edge. We played a game and we had to hit run and pass. It was tricky to aim for the shuttle.I f we don’t hit the shuttle we lose the racket.So it kept getting trickier and trickier. After that game we had to go back to class.

By Mele.

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  1. Hi Mele great badminton movie but next time you can put a story under it but great work keep it up mele good job.