Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rip Current

Swimming alone in a rip current with no adult is a bad idea. Why? Well because if you get taken out by rips then you might not know what to do. Keep reading and you will find out what some important information about what rips is, also what to do when you are caught in a rip.

If your wondering on how to avoid a rip then here's some information for you. To avoid a rip, you should be swimming between the red and yellow flags because it is the safest area to swim. If you have no adult then stay out of the ocean.

If a line or foam /seaweed or debris is moving towards seaward then it’s a sign that's telling you that there's a rip. Also in the ocean there will be a area that will have a notable colour in the water. You will see that there’s a break in the incoming wave pattern.

If you get caught into a rip the first thing you would think of is to try and stand up, If you can’t stand you put your hand up high and reach for the sun until something see’s your in trouble. But if you're at a beach with no lifeguards anywhere around then you should at least lay on your back and float like a starfish until you are taken out of the rip.

The best thing is to make sure you swim between the red and yellow flags and  if you're in doubt stay out. Don’t ever get into water until your parents are watching you and making sure you’re safe. Make sure you swim between the flags and DON’T EVER GO TO THE BEACH WITHOUT AN ADULT.

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